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Brazilian Women Fire Back at the Creepers Tweeting about a 12-Year-Old Reality Show Contestant

Valentina is a contestant in MasterChef Júnior Brasil.

She is 12 years old and simply trying to win a cooking contest.

A promo for the show aired introducing all the contestants.

Credit: MasterChef Júnior Brasil / YouTube

Sweet, innocent and just your typical show promo.

Then some men began sexualizing her on Twitter.

Translation: “About this Valentina: if it’s consensual, is it pedophilia?”

@AnderSoberano has since deleted his account, maybe in shame, but he forgot about screenshots. There were more tweets like this but do you really need to see them to get the picture?

Many Brazilians saw the tweets and were like…

Credit: The Fosters / ABC Family / hellokittygleek / Tumblr

Who even says that about children?

It didn’t take long for Twitter users to blow up over the tweet.

Translation: It’s unfortunate what happened with Valentina from Masterchef Junior. Pedophilia is crime! Let’s fight against it! #fight #cpi

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People seriously cannot believe what they are hearing/reading.

Translation: Dude, is this serious what i just read? Has the world always been like that? Pff, am I the only one who didn’t see this.. 

Social media pages and blogs have sprung up defending the men sexualizing Valentina, and they are also all being taken down.

Some Twitter users are shocked this is happening.

Translation: Valentina is actually a pretty girl but she’s 12 years old. TWELVE YEARS OLD. I can’t believe that people are thinking inappropriately about her. #masterchefbr

And some just don’t believe it is possible.

Translation: I just heard the rumours about Valentina from Maserchef jr and i’m shocked! How can someone eroticize a child?

And others are just SUPER PISSED.

Translation: If Valentina’s mom decides to promote the genocide of men, let her know that I’m available in the morning and in the afternoon.

The incident sparked the hashtag #primeiroassedio, which women began using to describe the first time they were sexually harassed.

Like this woman who has experienced the “hand across the ass” move at the bar.

Now, women all over Brazil are using the hashtag to share their stories:

And this woman who was a teenager leaving a party when she was assaulted by a man who kissed her and shoved his hand up her skirt.

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Unintentionally, she has become the face of the fight against sexism and pedophilia in Brazil.

Stay strong, Valentina. Brazil has your back.

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