Brazilian Women Fire Back at the Creepers Tweeting about a 12-Year-Old Reality Show Contestant

Valentina is a contestant in MasterChef Júnior Brasil.


A promo for the show aired introducing all the contestants.


Credit: MasterChef Júnior Brasil / YouTube

Sweet, innocent and just your typical show promo.

Then some men began sexualizing her on Twitter.


Many Brazilians saw the tweets and were like…

Credit: The Fosters / ABC Family / hellokittygleek / Tumblr

Who even says that about children?

It didn’t take long for Twitter users to blow up over the tweet.

People seriously cannot believe what they are hearing/reading.


Some Twitter users are shocked this is happening.


And some just don’t believe it is possible.

And others are just SUPER PISSED.

The incident sparked the hashtag #primeiroassedio, which women began using to describe the first time they were sexually harassed.

Now, women all over Brazil are using the hashtag to share their stories:

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Unintentionally, she has become the face of the fight against sexism and pedophilia in Brazil.

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