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Body Cam Footage Shows The Moment Police Broke A Latino’s Neck During An Arrest

Warning: Footage might be disturbing to some viewers.

Credit: The Denver Post / Erika Palladini / YouTube

He fell directly on his head, and they jumped on him.

Donovan Duran was an up-and-coming MMA fighter when he was arrested by La Junta, Colo., police officers in December 2015. According to The Denver Post, Duran’s family called the cops to help him after he got drunk and started to act erratically. What should have been a routine arrest ended Duran’s MMA career. The video, obtained by The Denver Post, shows Sergeant Vince Fraker forcibly removing Duran from the SUV and dropping him on his neck on the pavement. The same officer then grabs Duran’s neck and starts asking him to stand up. The grand jury that was investigating the arrest declined to indict Sergeant Fraker, even though they said the injuries sustained by Duran are “tragic.”

Duran had at least three previous encounters with police over a four-day period leading up to this arrest. Police did not believe that Duran was injured despite him telling officers that he could not feel from the upper chest down. There were no charges against Duran after the arrest.

The Duran family has filed a civil lawsuit as a result of this injury. “La Junta Police Department training of officers does not include proper training in responding to calls involving persons in crisis or with obvious mental health problems, including use of force policies and de-escalation strategies,” the lawsuit reads, according to The Denver Post. “Fraker’s use of excessive force as described above herein was outrageous and shocking to the conscience, in violation of Duran’s substantive due process rights.”

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An Ode To La Chancla


An Ode To La Chancla

@the_string_guy / Instagram

All praise be to la chancla. What other object transcends all Latino cultures, uniting us in fear and strength? Hint: NOTHING. Every Latino knows and has used the chancla for its intended purpose: world domination.

Let’s take a moment to give praise to the most iconic thing in Latino culture: La Chancla.

Credit: mun2 / ruinedchildhood / Tumblr

Look at it. So beautiful and terrifying at the same time. Plus, it has sooooooo many different uses.

It is THE go-to fashion statement.

Credit: Lipstickfables / Vine

Whether it’s for a night out with the ladies or your prima’s baptism, there is no wrong time for la chancla.

It will literally turn you into a superhero à la Thor.

Credit: ERICK PEREZ / Vine

He has his magnificent hammer; we have the invincible chancla.

They are a life saver when you suddenly have to do chores for mami.

Credit: Buoy / Vine

And it doesn’t matter if they’re yours, mami’s or your 2-year-old sister’s. Any chancla will do in a pinch.

They have always been the best way to keep your ass in check.

Credit: JUANPA ZURITA / Vine

Doesn’t matter what sh*t you’re doing, this Latino staple will always be there to keep you out of trouble.

Out of shape? The chancla is the best motivator to work out.

Credit: Justice Abad / Vine

“You better run, Julio. Mami just grabbed her chancla and she. is. PISSED!”

From Mexicans to Dominicans, we all know and respect it.

Credit: teardropisfrom.NYC / Vine

Tbh, this has happened more than once.

Like any Latino, they come in packs of more than one and are always willing to help to get the job done.

Credit: SkinnyLegz / Vine

Pero mira eso. (Note: We can make this joke. Non-Latinos better not try it.)

Like, they are so badass they have permeated ALL forms of Latino pop culture.

Credit: @VineRedBullGallos / Vine

There are good chanclas, and there are bad chanclas. Where do you stand?

Chancla Fact #354,630: They greatly improve your flexibility.

Credit: Hans Gottschalk / Vine

Must be that bomb arch support technology.

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