Times Queen Bey Has Shown Support For Latinos

Beyoncé has been down with Latinos since she was a tiny dancer competing on Star Search. For that, and these reasons below, we’re declaring her an honorary Tejana✨?✨.

She Admitted She Wishes She Were Latina – Yes, Really


In 2008, she said she wishes she were Latina “because the culture is so beautiful.” I mean, yassss!

Selena Influenced Her Music

Credit: sol wack / YouTube

Growing up in Texas, it’s only natural that she too was obsessed with the Reina of Tex-Mex. She even performed at rodeos just like Selena.

Her Spanish Songs Are Just as Flawless as Her English Songs

Credit: Paulo Roberto Abreu Gonçalves / YouTube

Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child got down to some flamenco when they performed “Quisiera Ser” with Alejandro Sanz at the 2002 Grammy Awards. ???

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She Has a Telenovela Theme Song

Credit: desmondyeosg / YouTube

Bey teamed up with Alejandro Fernández in 2007 to record “Amor Gitano” for Telemundo’s production El zorro, la Espada y la Rosa. It doesn’t get more Latino than a telenovela.

She Shakes Her Hips Like a Latina

Credit: thebeyhiveforever / Tumblr

Almost immediately after releasing “Amor Gitano,” Beyoncé teamed up with Shakira for “Beautiful Liar,” where she rivaled Shakira’s hip-shaking moves.

She Waves the Mexican Flag with Pride

Beyoncé excited Mexican fans when she sang in Spanish in Mexico during the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour in 2013. Then, she really won them over when she proudly waved the red, white and green flag.

Husband Jay Z’s Got Mad Love for Latinos Too

Credit: Larry Busacca / Getty Images

There are dozens of Latino references in Jay Z’s lyrics, but his love for the Latino culture doesn’t stop there. In 2012 he signed Shakira to his Roc Nation Management label to produce three albums, and later signed Puerto Rican receiver Victor Cruz to Roc Nation Sports Management in 2013. Plus, he’s obsess with cigarros cubanos.

Queen Bey Released an Album in Español

Recording a few songs in Spanish wasn’t enough for Bey, she had to release a whole album. In 2007 she gave us Irreemplazable, an album of Spanish and Spanglish recordings.

And She Takes Her Spanish Very Seriously

When Beyoncé recorded in Spanish, it was important for her that every word was phonetically correct, so she recorded everything sentence by sentence and asked her Spanish-speaking besties if her pronunciation was correct.

Her Besties are Cuban, Mexican and Puerto Rican

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Beyoncé says one of her best friend ever is Cuban. Her childhood friend, Barbara, is Mexican and she’s really close to LaLa Vasquez who is Puerto Rican. She thanks her friends for introducing her to Latin music, including Selena.

She Loves Dancing Salsa and Merengue


Beyoncé is obsessed with dancing Merengue and her skills were noted at the 10th anniversary of Jay Z’s 40/40 Club when she stepped to “Suavemente” with her husband.

We’re Just Gonna Say it. She’s Tejana

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Growing up in Texas, where almost 40% of the population is Latino, there’s no way Beyoncé could have steered clear of Latino influences. She has said she’s feels especially connected to Latinos because they’re family oriented and the spicy foods reminds her of her Creole heritage.

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Beyoncé Giving The Look To A Woman Leaning Over Her To Talk To Jay-Z Is Every WOC Shutting The Becky Down


Beyoncé Giving The Look To A Woman Leaning Over Her To Talk To Jay-Z Is Every WOC Shutting The Becky Down

This week, the world watched Donald Trump, unfortunate president of the United States, make a visit to the Royal family in England. It’s been a bit of clunky road, but he and Ivanka have taken up some pretty important lessons on how to treat the queen. Do not touch the queen, do not turn your back on the queen and for the love of god caller her Queen or your Highness only.

Now, in case you didn’t know, these practices apply to our very own sovereign in the U.S., Queen Beyoncé, as well. And when it comes to our queen, Beckys — particularly ones who have good hair and eyes for Hov — a set of very specific procedures apply.

#1 No LEANING across the queen to talk to her mans. Not ever.


But Nicole Curran, wife of the Golden State Warriors’ owner had clearly failed to be informed of these facts. Today she knows.

Recently Curran caught eyes when she appeared courtside beside Beyoncé and Jay-Z for Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

The video which was posted to Twitter by ESPN, shows Beyoncé watching as Curran leans over her to talk to Jay-Z. The thing is…


Clearly, agitated, Beyoncé’s face goes blank before she gives Curran The Look that so many women of color know well.

@JustMoleboheng / Twitter

It’s the one we’ve been getting from our moms at parties since day 1 and have put into practice ourselves. It’s the one we got when we were younger and caught cutting up / disgracing the family name at a party. The one we got when we had to ask if we could sleepover… at age 24. And the same one we deliver when a Becky comes too close to our man.

Somehow, it can spark a fire and simultaneously put one out while also making you pee yourself.

Latinas of Twitter were also unimpressed by Curran’s behavior and were quick to acknowledge their experience of having to use The Look in similar situations

Beyoncé’s face is literally all of us who have ever had to step up to a woman at a club, bar, BBQ, family party and let a girl know that the ring on their man’s finger MEANS he’s taken.

It’s also the face, those of us who aren’t married, have given when we know that just our PRESENCE next to our man ought to be enough for a girl to know she needs to not.

Not. Thot.

Of course, Curran has said that her intention was much more innocent than we’ve all assumed.

Curran, who has since deleted her Instagram account because of online bullying, told Ramona Shelburne of ESPN that in the moment gone viral, she was simply asking Jay-Z and Beyoncé if they wanted drinks.

BTW: Jay-Z ordered vodka soda while Bey asked for water. That classy queen.

When it comes to The Look, Michelle Obama also knows what’s up.

Pretty sure we all remember this moment in history when the former First Lady was forced to literally put herself between her husband and former Prime Minister of Denmark Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

Lesson of the day?

Don’t be leaning across queens, girl.

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