How Does Someone become a Musical Superstar without Singing? Ask Beto Sierra

Beto Sierra doesn’t sing, but he’s super popular in regional Mexican music. How did he do it without a hit single or a viral music video? Señores y senoras, let us introduce you to the social media phenomenon that is Beto Sierra.

He has more than 1,000,000+ followers on social media.

Photo Credit: Beto Sierra / Facebook

He’s from Los Mochis, Sinaloa.

En el Cerro De La Memoria… ??! #LosMochis #BetoSierra

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Sierra, who is 24 years old, attended law school in Mexico. Yep, he was closer to becoming a licenciado than a musician.

So what skyrocketed this law student into Internet stardom?

"La vida es corta, sonríele a quien llora, ignora al que critique y sé feliz con quien te importa".

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In a nutshell, Beto is the compadre we all wish we had.

Beto’s social media gives fans an inside look of the scene.

Felicidades Toron por su 1er video ? @joss_favela #megustavertearrepentida #Proximamente @miguereyesmr @alexgarzaarpa

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If you follow his feeds, you’ll feel like you’re hangin’ with stars on the regular.

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And it helps when you have some pretty famous compadres.

Auuuu @enigmanorteno ya están listos los chavalones ???????!!

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He’s made cameos in more than 25 music videos.

His friendships with regional Mexican music icons, like Gerardo Ortiz, have boosted his popularity.

So the stars give him exclusive access to content for his YouTube channel.

VIDEO ESTRENO: @contrastesierreno – El Oficio ?! En mi canal… Entras directv y sin escalas en mi perfil ✔️

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Even with his newfound fame, he still values the important things in life. Like family…

Les Comparto Esta Foto De Mi Sobrina ?❤️!!!

A photo posted by Beto Sierra (@betosierraoficial) on

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And a good meal.

He keeps it real and relatable on Instagram.

Con mi abuela ❤️la que me cuido toda mi niñez ??!

A photo posted by Beto Sierra (@betosierraoficial) on

So you can’t help but share posts like this:

Auuu así nomas ALV ????!!!

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He gets up close and personal on Twitter.

But that’s okay because he’s not bad to look at.

Se Viene Semana Santa?☀️?! Que hay Que Hacer ? ??!

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Try to look away from those eyes…

Bien Mamalon ??! Jaja ?

A photo posted by Beto Sierra (@betosierraoficial) on

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What’s next for Beto?

He plans on reaching five million followers on his social media accounts. Can he do it? Don’t doubt it.

This Brother And Sister Duo Have Gone Viral With Their Powerful Corrido About Current Deportations


This Brother And Sister Duo Have Gone Viral With Their Powerful Corrido About Current Deportations

Yaxeni Y Ricardo Los Luzeros De Rioverde / Facebook

If you look up the definition of a corrido, Google will tell you that it is a “ballad in a traditional Mexican style, typically having lyrics that narrate a historical event.” Key word here is “historical,” so if you hear those corridos that our parents played back in the day, you’d know what was going down in the Latino community during that time. Today, Latinos are going through a myriad complexities, and there’s a new generation of writers and performers that are singing about this crucial and terrifying time.

Meet brother and sister act Yaxeni y Ricardo who call themselves Los Luzeros De Rioverde. The siblings are a corrido band that is singing about the harsh times facing the community under the current administration.

These cute kids are Houston natives and while they look very young they are wise beyond their years.

In their short time as artists, they’ve already released three albums. Their latest is called “Con amor y sentimiento.”

All of their albums feature songs in both English and Spanish.

They’s performed for audiences at various venues, including in national tv for people like Steve Harvey.

Yup, they were featured on “Little Big Shots.”

However, they’re latest corrido is causing big waves on the internet because it’s about deportation.

"SI ME DEPORTAN " Algo de lo que viene en nuestro tercer disco titulado Con Amor y Sentimiento Esperenlo Agosto 10 saldra ala Venta en todas laa tiendas Dijitales! (Primicia para Noticias Telemundo ) #simedeportan #conamorysentimiento #uaua #losluzerosderioverde #openupyourheartamerica #openupyourheart #letssingalltogether #telemundo

Posted by Yaxeni Y Ricardo Los Luzeros De Rioverde on Sunday, August 5, 2018

The song is called “Si me deportan” (“If I get deported”).

The brother and sister sing about the strict laws of the United States, and they sing through the point of view of their parents.

“What if they deport us with our kids/even though they were born in the United States,” the song begins.

“We are millions who live here illegally/but we came here to improve our lives/and even though they call us criminals, that will never get us down.”

The duo has been showered with praise and love for the song highlighting the terrifying situation so many people are experiencing right now.

In 2016, Yaxeni y Ricardo talked about being against deportation and the separation of families.

They released a song about deportation back then called “El Descendiente” (The Offspring).

“We want to be the voice of all those kids who don’t have a voice,” Yaxeni said.

CREDIT: YouTube/
Yaxeni Y Ricardo Los Luzeros De Rioverde

To learn more about Los Luzeros De Rioverde check out their YouTube page and their Facebook page.

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Quebradita And Cry Your Latino Heart Out At This Dance Party


Quebradita And Cry Your Latino Heart Out At This Dance Party

Leslie Mendez/Noche Romantica/Instagram

Close your eyes. Imagine an empty dance floor illuminated by colorful lights. You have a beer in your hand, and there’s a cutie across the room making eyes at you. Then the DJ drops “La Chona” by Los Tucanes de Tijuana. What do you do?

If you’re at Noche Romántica, you finish off that beer, walk over to the cutie, ask them to dance and then get your ass to the dance floor.

Adrian Huerta/Noche Romantica/Instagram

Noche Romántica is a dance party dedicated to bringing the quince to the club, spinning all the música Latina that are the staples of family parties. That means cumbias, boleros, corridos, románticas, banda, norteño and more.

Noche Romantica in Boyle Heights TBt ?photo by @maiden213

A post shared by ✨Noche Romantica✨ (@cometonocheromantica) on

Leslie Mendez/Noche Romántica/Instagram

Noche Romántica nights are packed with young people reliving their upbringing one song at a time. That includes José Luis Arreguin, who started the night in San Francisco with Jose Trujillo back in 2012. Since then, Noche Romántica has become the night to bust a quebradita in LA and New York as well, adding Joshua Lasso, Dave Salvaje, Maryann Aguirre and a slew of guest DJ’s.

“[Trujillo] and I started talking about how there are no nights that play Latin music and the music we grew up listening to,” says Arreguin. “There was salsa nights, but it just wasn’t the same. We wanted to play románticas and corridos, and there was no one doing that. We all grew up around the music. We want it to be like you’re going to a quinceañera.”

Seeing the Latino population shrink due to gentrification in San Francisco’s Mission District gave Arreguin and Trujillo further reason to create the night.

“The culture was changing in the Mission, so we wanted to keep some of it alive by playing the music,” he recalls.

Arreguin also looks back to his childhood at family parties held in remote ranchos: Running around amongst horses, playing hide and seek and catching a buzz after drinking near-empty cans of beer.

“My parents would be dancing, kicking up dirt. And they’d be nice because they were a little tipsy and having fun,” says Arreguin. “The music stands out in my mind. There was really good music. I just remember those moments. They were so beautiful to me. I want to recreate that feeling through the music we play.”

The DJ’s seemed to have successfully tapped into that nostalgia for those that come to dance, or cry, at Noche Romántica.

CREDIT: Noche Romantica

“Dancing is obviously a good sign. They’re having a good time,” says Arreguin. “But I trip when people are standing there holding a beer and I play a song, and then they look down at the floor and their eyes start filling with tears. I’m hitting a nerve; a memory. I love getting those reactions. Or they’ll come up to me and share a story when I play a song. I’ve heard so many stories at our nights. I love that. I love that these songs bring back memories for people.”

As far as which song always gets the dance floor poppin’, Arreguin says you can’t go wrong with “La Puerta Negra” by Los Tigres Del Norte.

“Just the way it sounds. It’s so distinct,” he says. “Right away you know what it is and it gets people going.”

Here are 15 more Noche Romántica bangers, curated with mucho amor by the collective of DJ’s, to get you in the mood until the next party, which you can find by following Noche Romántica on Instagram.

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