Bernie Sanders Response When Asked If He Knows Who Selena Quintanilla Is Will Give You Life

These days, nothing captures the sentiment of millions of young Latino voters like Selena’s “Dreaming Of You.”


So it only felt natural to put the two together… And the Internet agreed.

Because after being faced with the reality that Donald President has been elected president of the United States, many were left dreaming of the Vermont senator and everything he stood for. And only a few days after being posted, the Bernie Sanders “Dreaming Of You” mashup video has captured the eyes of close to 8 million people — including the Vermont senator himself.

mitú met up with Bernie Sanders this weekend to show him the viral video he’s a star of, and his reaction is as adorable as you’d imagine.

Credit: mitú

He’s blushing!

When the Vermont Senator was asked if he even knew who Selena was, he gave the cutest response…

Our Revolution Board Member Assemblywoman Lucy Flores asked, “Do you know who Selena is?” He responded with:

“I’m old, but I’m not THAT out of touch.”

Okay Bernie, we see you.

Credit: avonleas / Tumblr


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