Bernie Sanders Needs Latinos Now More Than Ever

California, the state with the largest Latino population in the country, will have its primary on Tuesday, June 7. The open primary — both registered Democrats and independents are allowed to vote — will be crucial for the future of Bernie Sanders’s campaign, and Latinos will play a decisive role.

California is Bernie Sanders’s last stand.

This campaign is about bringing people together. (? credit: @beausaunders)

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There’s a reason Bernie Sanders has been referring to California as “the big enchilada.” (Maybe he’s also subtly giving a nod to Latinos?) California is the most populous state in the country, and if he wins it, he can then go to the more than 500 superdelegates planning on voting for Secretary Hillary Clinton and claim that he’s more electable than she is. Sanders has already said that his team plans on lobbying superdelegates after Tuesday in hopes of getting them to switch sides before the Democratic National Convention takes place in late July.

Clinton and Sanders are pretty much tied in California.

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Just about every major poll has Clinton and Sanders in a virtual dead heat. According to the final Real Clear Politics poll average, Clinton has a two-point advantage over Senator Sanders, which is well within the margin of error. That means that the delegate-rich California is pretty much a coin toss at this point.

A record number of Latinos registered to vote for this primary.

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According to Capitol Weekly, which focuses on Californian politics and elections, a record-breaking 2.3 million new people registered to vote ahead of the upcoming primaries. That increase in voter registration also applies to Latinos. More Latinos registered to vote for upcoming primary than did for the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections. Even more good news for Bernie Sanders is that Paul Mitchell, author of that report, notes that it wasn’t just Latinos who had a surge in voter registration. People under the age of 30, an age group that tends to vote in favor of Sanders, also registered in droves.

The Sanders campaign has not ignored Latinos.

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No one knows better than the Sanders campaign how badly it needs Latinos to show up for him. The senator has held rallies in Latino-heavy pockets of California, like his May 21 visit to San Diego’s Friendship park, which sits on the U.S.-Mexico border, and the May 23 rally held in the East Los Angeles neighborhood of Lincoln Heights.

The Sanders camp set up headquarters in East Los Angeles to specifically register Latinos and get them out to vote.

Bernie Sanders’s East L.A. Office¡Amigos! The official East L.A. office for Bernie Sanders is now OPEN. Stop by anytime with your friends, family members, and colleagues. This is YOUR headquarters in East L.A. to participate in canvassing, phone banking and to pick up campaign materials.
Find us here: bernie.to/EastLA

Friends! La oficina oficial de Bernie Sanders en el Este de Los Angeles ya está ABIERTA. Vengan cuando gusten con sus amigos, familiares y colegas. Este centro de operaciones en East L.A. es de USTEDES para organizar bancos de llamadas, salir a tocar puertas o pasar a recoger materiales de campaña.
Encuéntranos: bernie.to/EastLA

Posted by Erika Andiola on Thursday, May 19, 2016

It’s more than just rallies. The Sanders camp set up shop in East L.A., which as we’ve repeated, is predominantly Latino.

“I think it’s significant for us to open an official campaign office to acknowledge all the work, all the involvement, all the platforms we have for the Latino community,” Bill Velazquez, Sanders’s national director for Latino Outreach, told NPR affiliate KPCC.

Tuesday’s primary will determine the extent to which those efforts have paid off.

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Register to vote today by downloading the Latinos Vote app for iOS and Android. Our voice matters. #WeAreAmerica

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Turns Out The First Owner Of Beverly Hills Was An Impressive Afro-Mexican Woman


Turns Out The First Owner Of Beverly Hills Was An Impressive Afro-Mexican Woman

Beverly Hills, one of the most well-known destinations in the country and world has long been a thriving and prime area for real-estate. Long before it was colonized by the Spanish, and was largely populated by rich white elites, the Indigenous people of California known as the Tongva, thrived there.

Hundreds of years later, in the 1830s, when the area was colonized, Maria Rita Valdez Villa, the granddaughter of Spanish colonists Luis and Maria Quintero and the great-granddaughter of an African slave was granted the original 4,500-acre of Beverly Hills, then known as El Rancho Rodeo de las Aguas.

Yes, as it turns out the foremother of Beverly Hills was a Black Latina!

During her ownership, Maria Rita oversaw cattle ranching and farming.

According to LA Magazine, Rita “was well known for holding a yearly celebratory rodeo under a famous eucalyptus tree at what is now Pico and Robertson boulevards.”

Sadly, after working the land for so much time, three Indigenous Californian outlaws attacked the ranch in 1852. The attack led to a shootout amongst “a grove of walnut trees at what is now Benedict Canyon and Chevy Chase drives” and eventually in 1854 Maria Rita decided to sell the area to investors Henry Hancock and Benjamin D. Wilson for $4,000.

Perhaps there’s a chance for justice for Maria Rita in the end.

Recently, Los Angeles County officials revealed that they were contemplating returning a beachfront property that was seized from a Black family nearly a century ago.

According to the Guardian, Manhattan Beach used “eminent domain” in 1924 to force Willa and Charles Bruce, the city’s first Black landowners, of the land where they lived. “The Bruces also ran a resort for Black families during a time when beaches in the strand were segregated,” explained the Guardian in a recent report. “Part of the land was developed into a city park. It is now owned by Los Angeles county and houses lifeguard headquarters and a training center.”

Manhattan Beach county Supervisor Janice Hahn announced that she was looking into ways to restore justice for Bruce family. Options include delivering the land back to the family, paying for losses, or potentially leasing the property from them

“I wanted the county of Los Angeles to be a part of righting this terrible wrong,” Hahn explained in a recent interview with KABC-TV.

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Gov. Newsom And California Lawmakers Unveil Stimulus Checks, Relief For Undocumented Residents

Things That Matter

Gov. Newsom And California Lawmakers Unveil Stimulus Checks, Relief For Undocumented Residents

Americans are still waiting for the $1,400 check from the federal government to make good on the $2,000 promise In the meantime, some Californians will get extra help from the state government. Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a $9.6 billion stimulus package for state residents and undocumented people.

Low-income Californians will be eligible for a $600 stimulus check from the state government.

Gov. Newsom and California lawmakers have agreed on a $9.6 billion relief package for the Golden State. The relief package is offering much needed relief to businesses, individuals, and students. The relief will come to Californians in different ways.

According to a statement, the package is making good on the promise to help low-income Californians, increase small business aid, and waive license renewal fees for businesses impacted by the pandemic. In addition, the package “provides tax relief for businesses, commits additional resources for critical child care services and funds emergency financial aid for community college students.”

The relief package is aimed at helping those who are hardest hit by the pandemic.

“As we continue to fight the pandemic and recover, I’m grateful for the Legislature’s partnership to provide urgent relief and support for California families and small businesses where it’s needed most,” Gov. Newsom said in a statement. “From child care, relief for small business owners, direct cash support to individuals, financial aid for community college students and more, these actions are critical for millions of Californians who embody the resilience of the California spirit.”

The package will quadruple the assistance to restaurants and small businesses in California. Small businesses and restaurants will be eligible for $25,000 in grants from a $2 billion fund.

Undocumented Californians will also receive a boost from the state government.

Low-income Californians will receive a one-time payment of $600 while undocumented people will be given a $600 boost. The money will be sent to tax-paying undocumented people in California.

According to the California Budget & Policy Center, undocumented people in California pay $3 billion a year in local and state taxes. Despite paying taxes, the undocumented community has not been ineligible for relief payments from the federal government. These payments will give needed relief to a community overlooked throughout the pandemic.

“We’re nearly a year into this pandemic, and millions of Californians continue to feel the impact on their wallets and bottom lines. Businesses are struggling. People are having a hard time making ends meet. This agreement builds on Governor Newsom’s proposal and in many ways, enhances it so that we can provide the kind of immediate emergency relief that families and small businesses desperately need right now,” Senate President pro Tempore Toni G. Atkins said in a statement. “People are hungry and hurting, and businesses our communities have loved for decades are at risk of closing their doors. We are at a critical moment, and I’m proud we were able to come together to get Californians some needed relief.”

Learn more about the relief package by clicking here.

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