It’s Been 18 Years And Bernie Sanders Still Hasn’t Explained Why He Favored Dumping Nuclear Waste In A Latino Neighborhood

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Part of Bernie Sanders’s campaign has focused on speaking compassionately about immigrant communities and how they tend to be disproportionately hit by environmental and socio-economic troubles. That’s great and all, but the fact is that the Vermont Senator has not always toed this line. There is at least one dark moment in his political career that contradicts his current messaging. We’re talking about Sierra Blanca, Texas.

Sierra Blanca is home to a small, poor, Latino immigrant community in west Texas, population 553.

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In 1998, national and state politicians from three states (Texas, Maine and Vermont) co-sponsored and championed a bill that would permit the transport low-level nuclear waste from the three states and dump it in Sierra Blanca, Texas.

The legislation is in direct contrast to Sanders’ views, which are outlined on his website.

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The Senator’s site even points out the specific link between neighborhoods where immigrants live and the presence of high levels of toxic pollution.

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A white, male politician fighting for la raza?!

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It’s something that we have all been waiting too damn long to see.

Maybe he forgot about his very different point of view in 1998.

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Sanders, who was running for re-election to the Vermont House of Representatives, was in favor of transporting the toxic waste from his state all the way down to Texas.

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And he strongly supported the legislation.

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There it is. In his own words. He even went so far as to refuse adding a provision that would have given residents of Sierra Blanca the political power to fight back.


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But that was then, and this is now. What’s his current take on the bill?

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Those comments are very much in line what he said back in 1998.

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The bill never passed, but it’s undeniable that Sanders strongly positioned himself in favor of legislation that goes against his current messaging.

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The Daughters of Sterilization Victims in Peru Are Looking For Justice

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The shameful history disturbing Peru’s electionsWomen with red paint on their legs joined huge protests in Lima this week, to highlight the forced sterilisation of at least 300,000 Peruvians in the 1990s.

The abuses were overseen by former president Alberto Fujimori, whose daughter Keiko is now frontrunner in Sunday’s presidential elections.

Posted by The Guardian on Thursday, April 7, 2016

Alberto Fujimori, former President of Peru, is currently serving a 25-year sentence for the kidnappings and murders that took place during his regime. However, no one is paying for the forced sterilization of more than 300,000 indigenous women, which also happened while he was in power.

But there are thousands of women — daughters of the women the government tried to sterilize — speaking out. They’re doing so by protesting in the streets of Lima with their legs covered in red paint and screaming, “We are the women of the indigenous that you couldn’t sterilize!” According to the survivors of the sterilizations, the government denied food and treatment if they didn’t follow through with the procedure. And any current attempts to investigate the abuse have been stalled.

What’s more is that the protests are taking place ahead of the presidential elections in which Keiko Fujimori, daughter of the former president, is the frontrunner. Sadly, she has denied the magnitude of the abuse, saying that there were only a few hundred women forced to be sterilized.

Watch the video above to learn more about the forced sterlizations in Peru.

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