Bella Thorne Came Out As Bisexual In The Most Chill Way

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Former Disney star Bella Thorne just shook some sh*t up! The Cuban-American actor recently uploaded some videos to Snapchat that show her making out with another woman… and it’s her brother’s ex-girlfriend! Like, this is some novela-style sh*t if there ever was any.

This is the Snapchat video of Bella Thorne kissing her brother’s ex-girlfriend that has set Twitter on fire.

Recently, Thorne had broken up with her boyfriend, Gregg Sulkin, after a year-long relationship.

And as soon as the images hit the Internet, Thorne was asked about her sexuality and came out in the most chill way possible.

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Credit: @bellathorne / Twitter

A. One. Word. Tweet. #QueenStatus

Seriously. How long until this storyline ends up in La Rosa de Guadalupe?

Credit: Power / Starz / Giphy

People on social media have been vocal and supportive of the relationship shakeup.

They just want to see Thorne as happy as she can be.

Do you, Bella. Let’s just hope that her brother Remy isn’t too upset over this.

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