Becky G Made Gold Again With Her Latest Spanish-Language Single ‘Mangu’

Sola” has a sequel in “Mangú” and it’s perfect.

Becky G hasn’t dropped her full Spanish-language album just yet but she has been giving us little tastes of what to expect. First, her fans we treated to her dope af single “Sola” that is an anthem to all people that have dropped that dead weight S.O. that to enjoy their full potential as single folks. Now, she has followed it up with her new Spanish-Language single “Mangú.” The song is a perfect sequel lyrically as she sings about enjoying her new found freedom and dancing in dimly lit bars and clubs. Just listening to the song will get you grooving and jiving before you even watch the music video. The video carries the story from the previous video with Becky G peeling out of the parking lot with her new friend. The rest is an epic roadtrip and dance party that will make everyone jealous when compared to their own weekend plans.

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