Becky G is Living the American Dream

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Becky G is taking over. She’s headlining her own shows, releasing hit singles and flashing her gap-tooth smile for CoverGirl. No matter how famous Rebecca Marie Gomez gets, she’ll always be our homegirl from Inglewood. For that, we’re absolutely in love with her and here are 11 more reasons you should be, too.

She’s Confident, “Flaws” and All

Proud of it.

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The question she gets asked the most is: “Why don’t you get braces and fix your gap? The 17-year-old told Z90 she’s come to peace with her spaced-out smile. “People say, ‘you can afford braces, why don’t you fix your gap?’ She says she had braces and the gap came back. “It’s not going anywhere,” she said. So she’s made it her signature. There’s even a hashtag: #embracethegap.

She Rides or Dies For Her Family

I just find it hilarious that I'm the oldest yet smallest of the bunch ? my babieeees.

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At nine, Becky G’s family lost their house and had to move into her grandparents’ Inglewood, Calif. garage. She told Rolling Stone she had to “get her life together” to help her family make it. She started Googling agents, going on auditions and recording her own music on YouTube. The rest is history.

She Shoots For the Stars

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She’s a fangirl just like us and she hustles to work with her favorite artists. Jennifer Lopez appeared on her “Becky From The Block” video. To Becky G, it was “a dream come true,” adding “[it’s] something really special to me, because I’m Latina,” she said in an Idolator interview. She also recorded with Pitbull and Thalia.

She’s a Proud Spanglish Speaker

Viva Mexico

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Becky G says she will never forget her roots. She practices Spanish with her grandparents, although she admits her first language will always be Spanglish. “I always say, ‘my language is Spanglish.’ I can speak a little bit of English and I can speak a little bit of Spanish. That’s who I am,” she told Variety Latino. Own it, girl!

She Has a Big Heart

Because her family struggled, Becky G told the Salvation Army she does what she can to pay it forward. “I want my fans to understand that what you put into the universe is what you get back. Giving back is the right thing to do, whether it’s donating clothing or even just a smile to someone who needs it.”

She Sings in the Shower — and Damn Well, Too!

?a little warm up and SWV before the show today

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Becky G’s taste in music ranges from Selena to Jenni Rivera to Etta James and The Manhattans. She told USA Today her go-to shower song is TLC’s “Waterfalls,” and told PerezHilton.com she likes to “keep it old school.” She’s true to her musical roots, down to her shower songs!

She Likes to Eat

Yes. Everything about this. Just yes.

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In “Becky From The Block,” she mentions In-N-Out, Randy’s Donuts, sushi, calamari and her own mom’s cooking. But she’s not just talk. To prove she it, she’s always posting #foodporn pics on Instagram.

She Doesn’t Take Herself Too Seriously

Some celebs’ fame goes straight to their heads, thinking they’re too cool to even smile for pictures. But not Becky G. She’s not afraid to show her silly side, posting goofy selfies on Instagram when she needs a break from her busy day.

She’s Not Fake About What She Likes

Yes she’s a CoverGirl, and she uses their products. She told Rolling Stone, “Not to be a kissass or anything — but CoverGirl is the first makeup I ever bought.” Takes us back to our middle school days sampling makeup at the Rite Aid counter.

She Loves Her Fans as Much as Beasters Love Her

The queen of the Beasters is fully dedicated to making her fans happy. No matter how tired she is, she always stops to take a selfie and respond to Beasters on Twitter. She’s the sweetest!

She’s Our American Dream

#KIISjingleball ❤️ thank you @1027kiisfm for making one of my dreams come true.

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There’s no doubt she’s a go-getter. She worked to help her family move out of her grandparents’ garage into their own place and she told Variety Latino she likes taking care of them because she wouldn’t be where she is without them. She’s one of the few celebrities who continues working hard and staying out of trouble while keeping in touch with her roots. She is our generation’s American Dream.

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