Becky G is Living the American Dream

Becky G is taking over. She’s headlining her own shows, releasing hit singles and flashing her gap-tooth smile for CoverGirl. No matter how famous Rebecca Marie Gomez gets, she’ll always be our homegirl from Inglewood. For that, we’re absolutely in love with her and here are 11 more reasons you should be, too.

She’s Confident, “Flaws” and All

She Rides or Dies For Her Family

She Shoots For the Stars

She’s a Proud Spanglish Speaker

She Has a Big Heart

She Sings in the Shower — and Damn Well, Too!

She Likes to Eat

She Doesn’t Take Herself Too Seriously

She’s Not Fake About What She Likes

She Loves Her Fans as Much as Beasters Love Her

She’s Our American Dream