Becky G Hosted The Most Relatable Twitter Q&A You’ll Ever See

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Becky G recently teamed up with Twitter Music and Remezcla to give her fans unfettered access in one of the cutest Q&As in existence. The Mexican-American singer opened up about her favorite Snapchat filter, her role on “Power Rangers,” and her favorite food. Here is what we learned during her one-hour Q&A.

Becky G loves a good cafecito over tea.

But she isn’t above sipping and spilling a little tea here and there, if you get what she means.

She loves tacos and like, girl, same! ?

And we are totally ready to blindly believe that tacos are just as healthy as health bars!

But she holds it down for her mom by saying her pozole is better than any tacos she’s ever had.

Because, no matter what, mami’s food is always the best!

Though, tbh, it might be because she is in the car with her mom while she is doing this Q&A.

It is so cute how much she loves and looks up to her mom. Like, adorbs to the nth degree.

She was so open with her most embarrassing moment… which happened in front of her BF’s family.

How many of us have busted our asses in front of our S.O.’s familia? ???????

She totally relates to and loves her “Power Rangers” character Trini.

Mainly, Becky G is all about the urban/tomboy vibe that she totally rocks IRL.

She can’t live without her family, music and, of course, food.

Food is life. #FoodieForLife

She loves performing her Spanish music most of all. Like her latest single, “Sola.”

But, she loves both English and Spanish equally.

Like, how can someone say no to their culture? Just ’cause she speaks English on the reg doesn’t mean she doesn’t hold Spanish in a special place in her heart.

Girl totally digs the puppy dog filter on Snapchat but it just doesn’t compare to the floral crowns.


She even hinted at a dream tour of Becky G, Zendaya and Fifth Harmony.

*checks pulse and spams singers with social media pleas*

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Hate Hispanic Heritage Month? This Is How You Can Reclaim it


Hate Hispanic Heritage Month? This Is How You Can Reclaim it

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What better way to celebrate than by making your voice heard?

Today kicks off National Hispanic Heritage Month, the 30-day long federally recognized period that’s supposed to highlight and honor the many contributions Latinos have made to American society, but often results in ill-conceived tokenism on the part of brands and organizations. As you, dear readers, indicated on Twitter when we posed the question, you have mixed feelings about the event. This is what you had to say on the subject:

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