Barrio Dandy

Credit: we are mitú / YouTube

Pachuco 2.0

Barrio Dandy is a Los Angeles fashion icon known for bringing back the Pachuco style. He’s a stylist for barrio dwellers and celebrities alike, including non other than Leon Bridges. Barrio uses fashion to empower and uplift people, especially his fellow Latinos.

“Pachuco to me is an individual who exudes class against all odds with style, with dignity and with empowerment…young people are using that style as a form of armor.”

Barrio Dandy’s not your typical LA fashionista; he uses his art as a form of peaceful activism.

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Fancy Bottle Tequila Tasting


Fancy Bottle Tequila Tasting

“¡Que tan fancy!”

Does a vistoso package mean better tequila? Dudes discuss tequila goals as they test some bottellas bonitas…and one shaped like a flaccid penis, apparently.

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