Bad News: Luis Coronel Is Off The Market

Luis Coronel

First, he teased us with the picture of him in bed… all by his lonesome. And we all wished we could be there. Who wouldn’t, right?!

BUT then he broke our hearts with this picture of him in bed with not one but TWO chicks! TWO!

Sweat dreaming w my little chicks. ?❤️ #kiki & #genzo I'm in love .

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Not just any chicks either, they’re the cute kind!  And apparently he’s in love with Kiki and Genzo.

Seriously, where did they meet and why were we not there?!

And can we see more pics?!

Is it true love?

Does he even know what they like for breakfast?

Hopefully, not eggs!

Most importantly, can the chicks chirp and tell us what it feels like to be THAT close to Luis? Can we, at least, know that?

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This Instagram Model Is Recreating Cliché IG Photos With Her Prosthetic


This Instagram Model Is Recreating Cliché IG Photos With Her Prosthetic

Paola Antonini is serving up a double dose of fitness inspiration – one for her rocking hard body, and one for her absolute zest for life.

Paola isn’t just your average pretty-faced Instagram fitness model.

Credit: @paola_antonini / Instagram

When you first see the snaps of the long-haired suntanned goddess, you almost don’t notice what makes her different – and more bad ass.

But take a closer look and you might notice…

Credit: @paola_antonini / Instagram

Yep, she’s got a prosthetic leg.

21-year-old Paola lost her leg two years ago during a car accident caused by a drunk driver.

But this Brazileña is not letting that slow her down.

Instead of hiding her prosthetic leg, Paola embraces it.

While some of us might be jealous of the muscle other fitness models are building during leg day, we can’t help but cheer on Paola during her days of physical therapy. Just look at the mega-watt smile she carries on her face nonstop!

And she’s proving she can do anything anyone with two legs can do, like swim.

Credit: @paola_antonini / Instagram

Or learn a choreographed dance.

Credit: @paola_antonini / Instagram


Credit: @paola_antonini / Instagram

And, of course, slay at the gym.

Credit: @paola_antonini / Instagram

And having one leg isn’t keeping her from posting the expected Instagram shots, like the hotdog leg snap.

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Azul 🌊🔷

A post shared by Paola Antonini (@paola_antonini) on

Or an #OOTD.

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Live, laugh, love 💛✨ Ph: @estevaoandradephoto

A post shared by Paola Antonini (@paola_antonini) on

Credit: @paola_antonini / Instagram

Because she wants her followers to know that nothing can stop you from living the life you want.

Her followers have come up with the cutest name for her.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 4.30.50 PM

Her photos are filled with inspo from her followers, nicknaming her “robo-babe,” calling her linda, and reminding her how amazing she is. Positive sentiments are left from all over the world on her account.

She’s making her dreams come true one step at a time.

Despite the adversities she’s faced in recent years, Paola continues to do the things she loves most – modeling, skateboarding, traveling and hanging out with her friends. She continues to live life to the fullest and is always grateful, like the caption of this photo says.

For that, Paola, we’re head over heels for you.


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