Australian TV Host Asks Taquero Why He Uses ‘Soft Shell’ Tortillas

Wes Avila, the classically trained chef behind L.A.’s popular Guerrilla Tacos, was recently a guest on Australia’s “Studio 10” morning show to talk tacos. And early on, things took a weird turn. While preparing some of his signature gourmet tacos, Avila was interrupted by host Sarah Harris, who asked, “Bit of a controversy at the moment — soft shell tortillas, really? What about the hard shell?”

Avila took it in stride and gave Harris an impromptu lesson on the difference between hard shell and traditional tacos. When asked if “soft shell” tacos were the “proper way” to make tacos, Avila graciously replied, “Soft shell is more traditional and the crunchy stuff is more of a Tex-Mex thing.”

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H/T: LAist.com

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