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Australian TV Host Asks Taquero Why He Uses ‘Soft Shell’ Tortillas

Wes Avila, the classically trained chef behind L.A.’s popular Guerrilla Tacos, was recently a guest on Australia’s “Studio 10” morning show to talk tacos. And early on, things took a weird turn. While preparing some of his signature gourmet tacos, Avila was interrupted by host Sarah Harris, who asked, “Bit of a controversy at the moment — soft shell tortillas, really? What about the hard shell?”

Avila took it in stride and gave Harris an impromptu lesson on the difference between hard shell and traditional tacos. When asked if “soft shell” tacos were the “proper way” to make tacos, Avila graciously replied, “Soft shell is more traditional and the crunchy stuff is more of a Tex-Mex thing.”

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Mother of Mexican-American Student Killed In Paris Received Her College Degree In Her Honor


Mother of Mexican-American Student Killed In Paris Received Her College Degree In Her Honor

Nohemi Gonzalez was living her dream of studying in Paris when a series of coordinated terrorists attacks rocked the city in November of last year. The college student was eating with friends at a cafe when she was shot and killed. This week, California State University, Long Beach has posthumously awarded Gonzalez her degree in Industrial Design, which was awarded to her grieving mother.

In November 2015, Nohemi Gonzalez was one of the more than 100 people killed in the Paris attacks.

Credit: @NBCLA / Twitter

Gonzalez was a California State University, Long Beach student and a proud Mexican-American studying abroad in the City of Lights. She was shot and killed while eating at a cafe with friends just one month before she was supposed to return home to California.

Her death shook the CSULB community.

Credit: @chi_wolf_ / Instagram

“She’ll always be with us. She’ll still be roaming these halls, like she always does,” said Tim Mraz, her boyfriend of four years. “You’re always in my heart. I love you, baby.”

This week, CSULB awarded Gonzalez’s mother and stepfather her college degree.

Credit: WLS-TV / ABC7

According to a university spokesperson, Gonzalez had also been honored as a Outstanding Graduate from CSULB’s College of the Arts prior to the graduation.

Gonzalez was the first name called during the ceremony of about 800 students. Her mother was there to accept her diploma.

Credit: @PresConoley / Twitter

“She will always be in my heart,” Beatriz Gonzalez told Press-Telegram. “She was a strong woman who wanted a better life and a career. She was dedicated to her education.”

Gonzalez would have been the first person in her family to graduate from college.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 12.37.49 PM
Credit: WLS-TV / ABC7

“This year, the tragic and terrible acts of terror that scar our world hit hard and incredibly close to home,” said Cyrus Parker-Jeannette, the dean of the College of the Arts. “As many of you know, we lost one of our beautiful and talented students to the awful violence in Paris this fall.”

“Nohemi Gonzalez was a bright light among the very bright students of our design department,” the department dean said before awarding the diploma.

Credit: @presstelegram / Twitter

“”I always get emotional when it comes to remembering all the achievements of my daughter. It’s very sad for me,” Beatriz told WLS-TV ABC7. “She’s always going to live in my heart and the diploma is going to remind me of the wonderful person that she was.”

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