He Spent A Year Working For Bernie Sanders, Now He Wants To Work For Californians

When California’s 34th Congressional District seat was vacated by Xavier Becerra, who was tapped to become California’s next Attorney General, Arturo Carmona, who worked closely with Bernie Sanders during his presidential campaign, jumped at the chance to represent his community. (Full disclosure: Carmona formerly worked as mitú‘s Head of Community Engagement and Public Affairs).

Arturo Carmona is hoping that what he sparked during his time working for Bernie Sanders will give him an edge in the upcoming special election in California.

Courtesy of Arturo Carmona
CREDIT: Courtesy of Arturo Carmona

“When I left the Bernie [Sanders] campaign, having served for nearly a year as the deputy political director and traveling the country with the senator, I realized that we had done something great in terms of waking up and informing and educating the country on so many of the real challenges that we’re facing in America,” Carmona told mitú. “When Congressman Xavier Becerra stepped down after being there for close to two decades, these types of opportunities don’t happen every day and I felt that it was a great opportunity that I could not let pass by.”

Carmona says he believes he can reach young Latinos and inspire them to turn out for another vote.

Courtesy of Arturo Carmona
CREDIT: Courtesy of Arturo Carmona

When asked how he plans to get the highly-sought-after young Latino vote, Carmona said, “I think the way we did it with the Bernie agenda.”

Carmona explained: “We need to tell them that one elected official can’t do it alone. We’re going to need a change that is inclusive and involves hundreds of thousands of people in L.A. We’ve said it many times and I believe it whole-heartedly: real change never happens from the top down. Real changes happens from the bottom up, and that’s the type of leadership that I intend to advance.”

Carmona also thinks people want politicians who represent them ideologically and culturally.

Arturo Carmona for Congress / Facebook
CREDIT: Arturo Carmona for Congress / Facebook

“I believe that the country and our district are ready for Latino leadership that’s truly representative of the new generation of Latinos that are saying that we need to have a solid, multi-racial lens,” Carmona said about the importance of throwing his hat in the ring. “We need to have a clear economic justice lens. We need to understand the intersectionality of all of these issues, whether it’s issues around gender and LGBTQ, racial justice or criminal justice. We need to elevate all of these issues coherently and representatively of not only snake people and the younger generation, but of all communities.”

Carmona, who has picked up an endorsement from The People For Bernie, says he wants Latinos to become a priority for the Democratic Party.

Arturo Carmona for Congress / Facebook
CREDIT: Arturo Carmona for Congress / Facebook

“One of the things that we need to do is to make sure that the Democratic Party makes Latinos and makes immigrants and our diverse community, a priority,” Carmona told mitú. “So, I’m going to be fighting to make sure that we put our families first. We’ve seen a lot of promises in the past but very little footing in the actual stakes. We’re going to make sure that they actually stand up for our communities.”

“The fight is not just going to be on immigrant rights, but on many other fronts,” Carmona said.

Courtesy of Arturo Carmona
CREDIT: Courtesy of Arturo Carmona

Not only will Carmona look to hold Republicans accountable for the “xenophobic changes that are coming our way,” he is also going to hold Democrats accountable for their actions, including President Obama’s deportation legacy.

Carmona also hopes to be a leader in transforming the Democratic Party.

Courtesy of Arturo Carmona
CREDIT: Courtesy of Arturo Carmona

“I think what we’ve seen is a Democratic Party that has been addicted to special interest money,” Carmona told mitú. “We need to make sure that we bring the Democratic Party back to the interests of the people, and that means having people in power coming from these ranks and also the delegates.”

“We’re seeing that everyday people are rising up and saying, ‘enough is enough,’ and they’re taking charge of the Democratic Party,” Carmona continued. “We can’t just change it around the edges. We need to totally transform it and make it much more accountable to our community and our people so we can have the wherewithal to take this fight to Sacramento and to D.C, and then to incite the policy changes that are truly representative of the needs of our community. That’s a fight that we need to be having while we’re confronting Donald Trump, but that’s already happening.”

As for why people should vote for him: “I have proven myself over a career of more than 15 years that I have led with integrity and I have led with authenticity on a number of issues.”

Arturo Carmona for Congress / Facebook
CREDIT: Arturo Carmona for Congress / Facebook

“I have been there with our communities fighting the good fight, so I bring to the table a tremendous amount of experience. I also bring hands-on knowledge of working in this district for over ten years and this is a district that we won as being a part of the Bernie team,” Carmona said about his résumé. “We won this district by over 6 points, so I know that I can beat the political establishment.”

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Here Are The Southern California Latino Politicians Gov. Newsom Should Consider For Kamala Harris’ Empty Seat

Things That Matter

Here Are The Southern California Latino Politicians Gov. Newsom Should Consider For Kamala Harris’ Empty Seat

Carlos Avila Gonzalez / The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

Now that Sen. Kamala Harris will Vice President-elect Harris, there is a lot of talk about who Gov. Gavin Newsom should appoint to the seat. There is a lot of pressure on Gov. Newsom to appoint a person of color and we agree. Here are six Latino politicians from Southern California that should be appointed to the vacant Senate seat.

Hilda Solis

Solis’s political career started in 1992 when she ran for and won a seat in the California State Assembly. In that position, Solis made her presence known and was a crucial voice in the debate on undocumented immigrants backing legislation to make college accessible to undocumented immigrants living in California. Since then, Solis has served in the California State Senate, represented California in the House of Representatives, served as Secretary of Labor under President Obama, and is currently on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

Solis has history, experience, and knowledge of politics from local to national levels. In that time, Solis has backed and written legislation and policies on every issue ranging from domestic violence to the environment.

Robert Garcia

Garica is the current mayor of Long Beach and has established himself on the international stage. As mayor of Long Beach, Garcia has worked tirelessly to address climate change and establish strong trade partnerships with countries around the world.

As an openly gay politician, Garcia has used his time in office to work to expand LGBTQ+ rights around the world. The mayor has visited Peru and Honduras Victory Institute and the State Department to take the fight to Latin America.

Nanette Barrágan

Barrágan is currently a congresswoman reprensenting California’s 44th congressional district. The congresswoman would bring a legal background often needed by members of the Senate. Barrágan started to get involved with politics working on African-American outreach for the Clinton administration. Barrágan also spent time working with the NAACP working on health policy and racial health disparities.

Barrágan was one of the members of Congress to go to the U.S.-Mexico border during the Trump administration. Barrágan recorded and exposed the conditions of people legally seeking asylum under Trump’s assault on migrants.

Kevin de León

De León started his political career in 2006 when he was elected to the California State Assembly. After a brief tenure, de León was elected to the California State Senate where he worked on a wide range of issues. De León worked with his colleagues on issues like affirmative consent, the environment, gun control, and transportation.

De León ran for the Senate in 2018 against Sen Dianne Feinstein and lost. Now, de León serves on the Los Angeles City Council filling José Huizar’s former seat. Huizar stepped down due to an investigation into corruption and birbery.

Norma Torres

Torres has had a steady career in politics starting on the Pomona City Council before becoming Mayor of Pomona. From there, Torres served in both the California State Assembly and State Senate before becoming a member of Congress representing California’s 35th congressional district.

As a member of Congress, Torres has worked on the following committees:

  • United States House Committee on Appropriations
    • Subcommittee on Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies
    • Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs
    • Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government
  • United States House Committee on Rules

Alex Padilla

Padilla has been a public servant for California for decades serving as president of the Los Angeles City Council before being part of the California State Senate. In 2015, Padilla became the Secretary of State of California. In 2017, Padilla pushed back against the Trump administration and refused to turn over voter data to the administration. He then went on to win reelection with 64.5 percent of the vote in 2018.

Padilla is currently the favorite to be Gov. Newsom’s choice to fill Vice President-elect Harris’ vacant seat in the Senate.

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Maduro’s Attempts To Deprive Venezuelans Of Oxygen To Coerce Voters Rings Eerily Similar To Trump’s Threat To Withhold COVID Vaccines From New York

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Maduro’s Attempts To Deprive Venezuelans Of Oxygen To Coerce Voters Rings Eerily Similar To Trump’s Threat To Withhold COVID Vaccines From New York


It is one of the oldest binding oaths in history: the Hippocratic Oath outlines a physician’s duty to treat the ill to the best of one’s ability and to do no harm.

Still, somehow, 16 members of Cuba’s medical missions to Venezuela say that they were forced to abandon this promise while serving patients. A new report by the New York Times details how these physicians detailed a system of deliberate political manipulation in which Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro Moros used coercion of their services to encourage votes for his Socialist Party.

According to the doctors, various tactics were used to secure votes from patients including the denial of treatment for opposition supporters.

“The Cuban doctors said they were ordered to go door-to-door in impoverished neighborhoods, offering medicine and warning residents that they would be cut off from medical services if they did not vote for Mr. Maduro or his candidates,” writes the New York Times in their latest report about the ongoings in Venezuela. “Many said their superiors directed them to issue the same threats during closed-door consultations with patients seeking treatment for chronic diseases.”

One former Cuban supervisor reported that she and other foreign medical workers were provided with counterfeit identification cards so that they could vote in an election. Another doctor claimed that she was told to give elderly patients “detailed” voting instructions.

“These are the kinds of things you should never do in your life,” the doctor, who spoke to the NYT under the condition of anonymity, stated.

These accounts of manipulation and fraud under Maduro’s legitimate time as president serve as a sort of parallel to the ones Americans face post-2020 election.

Just as Biden supporters have had to combat Trump’s grossly false claims about a “rigged” election, Maduros’ opposition-controlled legislature have had to fight combat claims by Maduro and the results of his undemocratic election.

According to New York Times, “Mr. Maduro’s opponents often accuse Cuba — which has long depended on oil from Venezuela — of propping up his embattled government by sending agents to work with Venezuela’s intelligence agencies, helping its ideological ally crush dissent.”

Perhaps the most shocking aspect of the New York Times report are claims that doctors saw medical supplied hoarded until the May election. (Oddly similar to remarks that Trump has made about withholding a COVID-19 vaccine from New York City.) One physician, Dr. Yansnier Arias, claimed that his supervisors expressed a desire to “flood hospitals” with supplies just before the vote was made in order to make voters believe that Mr. Maduro had solved the country’s shortage difficulties.

“There was oxygen, but they didn’t let me use it,” Dr. Arias told New York Times.“We had to leave it for the election.”

According to New York Times, Dr. Arias defected from the Cuban government’s medical program last year and now lives in Chile.

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