Out-Spoken, Anti-Violence Soccer Player Shot to Death

credit: Credit: Stanley Chou/Getty Images


Arnold Peralta was one of the best soccer players to have come out of Honduras. He was 26 and had played for the Rangers, one of Scotland’s biggest teams. He’s also one of the most recent victims of gang violence in his country.

Peralta, who was home for the holidays, was shot 18 times while at a mall’s parking lot, but the motive is unclear. What’s a fact is that Honduras has the highest murder rate in the world and is riddled with gang violence.

Recently, Peralta had taken to twitter to denounce the violence saying in Spanish, “How difficult it is for our country with so many criminals killing every so often, as though killing was in fashion! These types of people don’t deserve to be alive.”


No one has been arrested for his murder as of yet.

Read more about his murder from the BBC here.

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