Arizona Needs Mexican Shoppers More Than It Thinks


“If we come, it’s better for the economy, much better.”

It’s well-known that Arizona is not the friendliest neighbor to Mexico. Time and time again, the state has declared its incredible dislike of Mexican immigrants. A lot of its residents are pushing for a bigger, better wall, which is why they supported Donald Trump in the presidential primary. But the Grand Canyon state might need Mexicans more than it thinks. In fact, it does.

Mexicans who cross the Arizona border just to shop are “bringing about $2.3 billion, and that’s with a “B” and that’s just the tourism side,” said Felipe Garcia, executive vice president of Visit Tucson. They bring in so much economic stimulus, that many business rely on them to actually stay in business.

“We need to be really careful about how we decide to proceed with our relationship with Mexico because they support us in many ways,” said store manager Desiree Noriega. So in an effort to maintain their relationship with these valuable shoppers, many business owners are catering to them by hiring bilingual employees and being culturally sensitive.

“If we come, it’s better for the economy, much better,” said shopper Maria Dolores Vargas. “We could be doing our shopping in Mexico.” 

So, think about it, Arizona — that’s $2.3 BILLION just for you! Still want the wall?

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