Ariana Grande Does a Spot-On Shakira Impersonation

Credit: Adorable Wilks / YouTube

Her Pipes Don’t Lie

Everyone has been giving Italian-American pop artist Ariana Grande (she is NOT Latina, Fox News) loads of virtual high-fives for her spot-on Celine Dion impersonation on last week’s Jimmy Fallon appearance. But this pint-sized pop princess has been belting out other people’s ballads for years. Case in point – Ariana singing like everyone’s favorite Latina rockstar, Shakira! Check out the video above to see her rendition of “Hips Don’t Lie.”

She’ll Do it Whenever, Wherever

CREDIT: wizards7’s channel / YouTube

Can’t get enough? The video above has her Le ro lo le lo le-ing “Whenever, Wherever.”  Can we get a collab soon ladies?!

But Not Really

Before you get too excited, looks like Grande won’t be doing too many more impressions.  Check out what she told Channel [V] Australia in a recent interview.

QUIZ: Are You More Rebellious Retro Shakira or Sexy She Wolf Shakira?

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11 Things that Make Absolutely No Sense in the Estefan's Song "We're All Mexican"


11 Things that Make Absolutely No Sense in the Estefan’s Song “We’re All Mexican”


Emilio and Gloria Estefan have joined the #Hispandering bandwagon by producing the song “We’re All Mexican” as a response to Donald Trump “anti-Mexican” rants. Good idea, right? Maybe they had the best intentions and maybe the missed the boat because they’re Cuban, but the video is full of stereotypes and things that just don’t make sense. Here’s a countdown of the 11 most offensive images in the video…

11. Apparently all Latinos live in California, Texas, and Florida.

Credit: “We’re All Mexican” / Estefan Channel / YouTube

Wrong. What about the large groups of Latinos living in New Orleans, New York, and Chicago? And what the hell happened to New Mexico?

10. It’s 2015, Mexican women don’t walk around wearing vestidos de adelita.

Barbie Dress
Credit: “We’re All Mexican” / Estefan Channel / YouTube

We wear regular clothes just like everyone else. Jeans, shorts and dresses that don’t have ribbon on them.

9. Did mariachi become outfits everyday wear?

Mariachi Outfits
Credit: “We’re All Mexican” / Estefan Channel / YouTube


Credit: kirk82 / Reddit

Listen to J.Law. Even she knows what’s up.

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8. What is even going on here?

Credit: “We’re All Mexican” / Estefan Channel / YouTube
Credit: The Road to El Dorado / DreamWorks Animation / fuckyeahreactiongifs / Tumblr

You do know that not every Mexican party is filled with waving ponchos and Aztec men running around with knives, right?

7. FYI, there’s more to Mexican legacy than guacamole.

Credit: “We’re All Mexican” / Estefan Channel / YouTube

Like color TV invented by Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena when he was 23. As well as Instabook used to print books faster and for a fraction of the cost. Are you taking notes, Emilio?

6. Can we talk about their flawed background checks?

Credit: “We’re All Mexican” / Estefan Channel / YouTube

It’s probably best not to include someone who was accused of sexual, physical, and emotional harassment in a music video about uniting all Latinos. Let’s not give Trump anymore material.

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5. We’re up to here with the Mexican jumping bean references.

Eat Some Beans
Credit: “We’re All Mexican” / Estefan Channel / YouTube

?”Sit back and have some beans / Amigo don’t kill the American Dream.”?

Credit: Project Runway / Lifetime / colorme5by5 / Tumblr

Even the lyrics are ridiculous!

4. And we’re fed up with the sombreros. Make it stop.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.49.37 AM
Credit: “We’re All Mexican” / Estefan Channel / YouTube


Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.50.27 AM
Credit: “We’re All Mexican” / Estefan Channel / YouTube


Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.48.39 AM
Credit: “We’re All Mexican” / Estefan Channel / YouTube

C’mon, Thalia. We expected more from you.

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3. And here’s Whoopi Goldberg…for no reason at all.

Whoopi Goldberg
Credit: “We’re All Mexican” / Estefan Channel / YouTube

If you needed to add someone from The View, why not Rosie Perez? It would at least connect the dots.

2. WTF is Kathy Griffin even doing here?

Kathy Griffin
Credit: “We’re All Mexican” / Estefan Channel / YouTube
Credit: Mean Girls / Paramount Pictures / whatthebuck20 / Tumblr

Did she get lost or something? Wait. It’s because of the hat.

1. Just because you’re Cuban Emilio and Gloria, it doesn’t mean this is OK.

Credit: “We’re All Mexican” / Estefan Channel / YouTube

Despite popular belief, Chihuahuas are not the official animal of Mexico. It’s actually the Golden Eagle, which you can see displayed right smack in the center of the flag.

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