Fake Weddings are Becoming the Hottest Parties for Singles in Argentina

Everyone likes weddings, right? You get to throw on some fancy clothes, eat free food, hit the open bar and dance the night away. What happens when you’ve got an itch to party at a wedding but haven’t received any invites? Argentina has got it all figured out: you and your friends BUY TICKETS to a wedding. Seriously.

It’s called a Falsa Boda.

Pasa en la vida! Pasa en una @falsaboda. Muy pronto todo el material de la 5ta edición!

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And it’s got everything you’d expect at a wedding.

There’s a happy couple exchanging vows…

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Live music and an open bar…

Photo Credit: Falsa Boda / Facebook

A cute wedding cake…

#FalsaBoda5 la torta de Romina Connell !!!

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A DJ moving the crowd…

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A table with gifts…

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But there’s no family and friends. Because the attendees are all strangers.

??????? #falsaboda

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The happy couple? They’re actors.

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Yes. Young people are buying tickets to party together at a fake wedding.

Asi comienza una @falsaboda

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It’s the brainchild of Martín Acerbi, who launched the Falsa Boda parties with a group of friends. Acerbi told BBC Mundo: “My friends love to organize parties and go out. One day at dinner we realized that we’d never party together at a wedding unless one of us got married… which isn’t really a possibility right now.”

A ticket runs you between $43 and $65. And the weddings are POPULAR.

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Sound pricey? The organizers of Falsa Boda – who’ve thrown five “weddings” so far – argue it’s not much different from what someone would spend on dinner and drinks at a nightclub.

And people actually have pretty good reasons for spending their cash on a fake wedding.

#falsaboda #previa #noche#elegancia

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Organizers say people love having a reason to get decked out in their nicest formalwear (they also love the open bar). Some attendees say they enjoy playing a role in a fantasy (each event has a special theme and scripted wedding ceremony). Others say the festive vibe of a wedding makes it easier to meet strangers (aka hook up).

For some, it’s got all the positives of a wedding and none of the negatives.

#FalsaBoda con la mas linda ❤

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One of the attendees, Pablo Boniface, told BBC Mundo: “For me, these parties are better than a real wedding because you don’t have to be bored at a table with strangers. You can have fun with your friends and plus, it’s full of young people and you don’t run into all those uncles and grandpas that are usually at weddings.”

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