Anti-Trump Protest In Orange County Got So Chaotic 17 People Were Arrested

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Donald Trump had a rally in Orange County, Calif., this week and things got wild, weird and violent. As Trump addressed thousands inside the Pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa, hundreds of protesters raged outside, causing some serious traffic and damage to police cruisers parked outside the venue. The protest escalated so quickly that authorities seemed to be caught off guard.

The protest started with scenes we are already too used to seeing from Donald Trump rallies.

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You either really love Trump or you really hate Trump. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground forming in this campaign.

Both sides were clearly heated and willing to scream and yell to get their point across.

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And, tbh, it isn’t a Trump rally if the candidate doesn’t overly exaggerate the turn out.

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According to Trump, 31,000 people showed up to Pacific Amphitheatre for his rally. Google “Pacific Amphitheatre capacity.” We’ll wait.

And someone finally decided to call him out on it.

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That person was Matt Pearce, a national reporter for the Los Angeles Times.


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And he even included a picture.

Credit: @mattdpearce / Twitter

Dale, bro!

Credit: New Girl / Fox / newgirlonfox / Tumblr

Maybe Trump thought the protesters were there for his rally?

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It wasn’t long till things started to get a little wacky, as protesters started line dancing.

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It low key looked like someone’s tío turned on “Payaso del Rodeo” by Caballo Dorado, and the crowd responded.

And not one…

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…but TWO people did doughnuts in the middle of the protesting crowd.

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That seems pretty unsafe…

It wasn’t long until the protesters took to the streets and blocked traffic heading to the freeway.

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And they even ended up attacking motorists.

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“Rallies that take to the streets are usually led by a group, and are not wild and all over the place like tonight,” David Villanueva, a member of Chicanos Unidos in Santa Ana, a group associated with the anti-Trump demonstrations, told LA Times.

As the protest went on, the violence and anger escalated, resulting in damaged police cruisers

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…and some physical altercations.

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In the end, 17 people were arrested as a result of the protest, but no major injuries were reported.

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When It Comes To This, Latinos Just Can’t Tell The Truth


When It Comes To This, Latinos Just Can’t Tell The Truth


It’s not that Latinos are liars, we just have our own way of communicating the truth.

El chile no está picoso.


My mouth is on fire, but I don’t want to look like a bebé llorón.

I’m not drunk.


That stair just moved!

Ya voy llegando.


To be completely honest, your call just woke me up.

I’ll pay you tomorrow.


You’ll never see that money again.

No tengo hambre.


There’s no way I’m eating your low carb, gluten free, sugar-free chocolate cake.

I’m a queen on the dance floor.


All I need is some liquor courage to tackle that bachata.

Lo juro por Dios / mi mamá.


Do you believe me?

I don’t have cash.


My money only buys food, booze and clothes. Girl Scout cookies are NOT food.

No me duele.

I want you to feel the excruciating pain I’m feeling.

I’m not jealous.


As long as you don’t have close friends of the opposite sex.

I know how to fix it.


I don’t want to pay someone to fix it or I want to impress you.

Te llamo en cinco.


It can be seconds, minutes, years, whenever.

It’s like two minutes away.


I’ll just keep saying that until we actually get there.

Tranquilo, que no le voy a hacer nada.


Ha. We all know this is the biggest lie.

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