Sorry, Ant-Man, but You’ve Got Nothing on El Chapulín Colorado

Marvel / Televisa

Ant-Man is the latest Marvel superhero to get his own movie…


Some people might be thinking, “An insect? Seriously?”

YES. Don’t forget about a certain quirky Mexican hero named El Chapulín Colorado.

Chapulín Colorado
Credit: Televisa

Ant-Man’s powers are no match for El Chapulín’s powers. Here’s how these two insect superheroes size-up:

Ant-Man may be able to shrink in size…

Ant-Man small
Credit: Marvel

But El Chapulín is more agile than a turtle…

Credit: Televisa/Thomas Henrique/Youtube

And stronger than a mouse.


So what if Ant-Man rubs shoulders with Iron Man and Captain America…

Credit: Marvel

El Chapulín can always count on Súper Sam…


Credit: Televisa

And el Doctor Chapatín.

Credit: Televisa

Sure, Ant-Man’s helmet may allow him to mentally control ants and assemble an army in minutes… 


But El Chapulín’s antennae can translate any language to Español.

Ant-Man may have to struggle with a villain like Yellowjacket…

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 2.41.56 PM
Credit: Marvel

But El Chapulín has to deal with mobsters like El Cuajináis. 

El Cuajinais
Credit: Televisa

OK, Ant-Man’s wrist gauntlets may enable him to fire bio-electric blasts…

Credit: Marvel

But El Chapulín has a squeaky mallet.

Credit: Televisa

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I guess it’s a big deal that Ant-Man has helped rescue Iron Man…

Credit: Marvel

But El Chapulín rescued Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!


Ant-Man’s slogan may be this:

Ant Man Heroes

…But El Chapulín’s is:

We ? you Chapulín Colorado!

Who is your favorite superhero, El Chapulín or Ant-Man? Let us know below!

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