Ann Coulter Doubles Down On Latino Hate with New Book

Conservative political commentator Ann Coulter, who makes outrageous statements about Muslims, immigrants and soccer, is releasing a new book. It’s titled ¡Adios America! The Left’s Plan To Turn Our Country Into A Third World Hell Hole. Here’s the cover:

Seriously. That’s it.

Since Coulter claims Latino immigrants are destroying America, here’s more titles that make her point.

I Wish America… Was Whiter Than My Face Is On The Cover Of This Book


¡Dios Mio! Can You Believe Someone Paid Me To Write This?

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Hey Latinos! It’s Time For You To Go Back to Mexico Even If You’re Not Mexican


I’ll Be Honest, I Really Need a Hug, You Guys


¡No Mames! Even I Don’t Believe This Crap

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GTFO Latinos! I’m Sick of You Guys Winning All of the Best Director Awards at the Oscars


OK, Let’s Keep It 100! The Only Thing I Hate More Than Latinos is Sunlight


¡Adios, America! I’m Taking a One-Way Flight to Outer Space

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