Ann Coulter Doubles Down On Latino Hate with New Book

Conservative political commentator Ann Coulter, who makes outrageous statements about Muslims, immigrants and soccer, is releasing a new book. It’s titled ¡Adios America! The Left’s Plan To Turn Our Country Into A Third World Hell Hole. Here’s the cover:


Seriously. That’s it.

Since Coulter claims Latino immigrants are destroying America, here’s more titles that make her point.


I Wish America… Was Whiter Than My Face Is On The Cover Of This Book



¡Dios Mio! Can You Believe Someone Paid Me To Write This?

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Hey Latinos! It’s Time For You To Go Back to Mexico Even If You’re Not Mexican



I’ll Be Honest, I Really Need a Hug, You Guys



¡No Mames! Even I Don’t Believe This Crap

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GTFO Latinos! I’m Sick of You Guys Winning All of the Best Director Awards at the Oscars



OK, Let’s Keep It 100! The Only Thing I Hate More Than Latinos is Sunlight



¡Adios, America! I’m Taking a One-Way Flight to Outer Space

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7 Rancheras that Bring Out Your Tío's Inner Chente at Family Parties


7 Rancheras that Bring Out Your Tío’s Inner Chente at Family Parties

Your family party gets epic the moment your drunk tío and dad burst into mariachi gritos. Rancheras (and alcohol) give tíos the courage to serenade the fam, but nothing brings out your tío’s inner Chente like these songs…

1. El Rey


This is the macho mexicano‘s anthem, the male version of Beyoncé’s Single Ladies. When men hear this song, they are proud to tell the world they don’t have a queen in their life and they’re just fine. (Right, that’s why you’re wasted and teary.)

2. Volver volver

As the alcohol sets in, men seize the chance to sing this ballad about how they’re dying to return to the arms of their long-lost love. ¿No que muy machito?

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3. Por tu maldito amor


F*ck love. That’s what your dad and uncle are saying. If that weren’t enough, they’re also saying they don’t need a tomb because they’ve been buried alive. And then they tell you not to cry over your ex.

4. El Aventurero


This is when it’s time to take the mic away. Singing El Aventurero is saying you love all types of women — tall, short, thin, thick. They might as well sing “I like big butts and I cannot lie.”

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5. ¿?


Sometimes you can’t understand a word your dad’s singing or how he changed a jazz song into a ranchera. (Here’s the original.) He’s no longer singing about a long-lost love, but trying to make up for the metidas de pataby singing to mom he loves everything about her.

6. Ando bien pedo?


You know your dad’s drunk when he starts singing this with his compadres, belting out lyrics that say he’s drunk and out of his mind. Embarrassing. Worse? Dancing a zapateado to this.

7. Tragos de amargo licor

The unwritten rule says a Mexican party isn’t over until you hear this. But now, Tío Chepe slurs everything and we can’t understand him. Translation: he can’t forget her and he feels like such a coward he even has to cry. Thank you, alcohol.

What song do your tíos sing? Let us know in the comments below and click the share button to share this on your feed.