Ana Navarro Is Going In On Trump’s Cabinet Selection

CNN / Sarah Burris / YouTube

Ana Navarro is calling out Trump’s choices for his cabinet.

CNN political commentator and Republican strategist Ana Navarro is not letting President-Elect Donald Trump get away with anything just yet. The Honduran immigrant was on CNN recently and was asked how she felt about Trump’s choices for cabinet and she’s going in. She’s going after his cabinet choices, namely Stephen Bannon.

“I think that the appointments he makes early on are the first signal he’s sending about what kind of president he is going to be,” she told CNN’s “New Day” host Alisyn Camerota. “I think many of us are torn by the utter disdain that we have for candidate Donald Trump and the utmost respect we have for the office of the presidency of the United States, and we want to give this guy a chance. We want to extend an olive branch; we want him to extend one to us. But if what he is doing is naming somebody like Steve Bannon, who has got such a track record and such a reputation for being controversial, for leading the hunting season against Republicans, forget about everybody else, who has filled his publication [Breitbart] with anti-Semitic, anti-Hispanic, anti-everything type of headlines, you have got to be very concerned.”

Navarro did give Trump some credit for the appointing of Reince Priebus as his chief of staff.

CNN / Sarah Burris / YouTube
CREDIT: CNN / Sarah Burris / YouTube

“At this point, I’ll take him [Priebus] and I’ll love him.”

But she offered a rallying cry at the end of her interview.

HBO / Vice Principals / GIPHY
CREDIT: HBO / Vice Principals / GIPHY

“Don’t be afraid, denounce it. Don’t lose hope, get motivated. Get engaged, go out there,” Navarro said.

“He’s our president, we have to deal with him for the next four years, but that does not mean that you lose your right to speak. That does not mean you lose your right to be an American. That does not mean that you lose your right to protest and you are not alone. There are a lot of people in America who will be watching your back, who will be standing in solidarity with you. So, to the people who are legitimately afraid of a Trump presidency, you are not alone.”

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Trump Says He's Undoing All Of Obama's Executive Orders. So What's Going To Happen To Cuba?


Trump Says He’s Undoing All Of Obama’s Executive Orders. So What’s Going To Happen To Cuba?

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President Obama has spent the last several years trying to strengthen the relationship between Cuba and the United States. As of a few weeks ago, Obama even went so far as to lift restrictions bringing Cuban rum and cigars into the U.S.

While many people were elated to see improved relationships, one community was not entirely happy: Cuban-Americans. To get more specific, we’re talking about Florida’s older Cuban-American population who are not all that fond of the Cuban government. And, as we know, Florida is a key state in any national election.

In September 2015, Trump backed Obama’s advancements with Cuba in a Daily Caller audio interview.



Trump’s audio interview with The Daily Caller revealed he not only had an open mind about Cuba, but he also felt the U.S. could have made stronger deals with Cuba. In fact, back in 1998, one of Trump’s affiliated firms – Seven Arrows Investment and Development Corps – had dealings with Cuba, which were in violation of U.S. laws, but no big deal.

However, when Trump’s team saw that Cuban-Americans were unhappy with U.S.-Cuban relations, Trump distanced himself from that stance.


As the Miami Herald predicted back in October, this tactic helped him in the much-contested state of Florida.

What happens next for Cuba is unclear.

CREDIT: SimonIKata / Instagram

President Obama used executive orders to move the Cuba-U.S. relationship forward, but Trump has pledged to the American people that he will undo all of Obama’s executive orders, which includes current Cuban policy. However, lobbyists have let it be known they feel that it’s beneficial to the U.S. to continue growing the alliance with Cuba. As such, the mood in Cuba is decidedly uncertain. Some citizens have expressed their worries that the advancements – economically and socially – they’ve seen under the Obama Administration might vanish entirely. Other’s remain somewhat cynical, having dealt with the U.S. government for many years now. Then there are those in Cuba who welcome the decline in relations, including Fidel Castro, who has no love for the U.S., saying, “We don’t need the empire to give us any presents.”

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