An Argentinian Soccer Fan Fell 30 Feet onto the Field… and Survived

La Gaceta / Channel'Buzz / YouTube

An Argentinian soccer fan literally crashed a recent match between Juventud Antoniana and Club Villa Mitre of Argentina’s fourth division. Diaz, a Juventud Antoniana fan, climbed atop a fence that separates fans from the field. He wanted to get a good spot to taunt Club Villa Mitre’s players. Unfortunately, gravity still exists and Diaz, who was about 30 feet high, came crashing down.

Check it:

¿Bueno…quien te manda? Don’t worry. He didn’t die.

Damn… that had to hurt.

Credit: Samsung / marley loves sports / YouTube

Diaz was carried off on a stretcher with only minor injuries. But police are charging him for climbing the fence and inciting violence.

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Kind of looks how Monday feels.

The Fall
Credit: La Gaceta/ Channel’Buzz / YouTube

Oh, and Club Ville Mitre won the game.

Credit: the-ice-is-getting-thinner / Tumblr

Sorry, bro.

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