An Argentine TV Network Totally Trolled Trump In A Copa America Commercial

Credit: TYC Sports / Futbol La Pasion / YouTube

“No tenemos protección.”

Watch out Donald Trump, Lionel Messi and his crew are comin’ for ya. TYC Sports, the TV network showing the 2016 Copa America Centenario in Argentina, recently put Trump on notice in a new commercial. In the Copa America ad, Trump’s infamous “Mexicans are rapists” speech is cleverly flipped, making it appear Trump is warning the U.S. about Argentina’s scary good national team. At the end of the commercial, there’s a cocky response to Trump’s rhetoric: “The truth? The best thing they can do is not let us enter.”

If the whole thing sounds familiar, it’s because Mexico’s TV Azteca did the same thing last year.

Credit: TV Azteca / YouTube

The commercial was created to promote the CONCACAF Cup match between the Mexico and the U.S. Mexico won the match 3-2.

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