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A Judge Told Him To Stop Racially Profiling Latinos. He Refused. Now He Might Go To Jail

This is Joe Arpaio. He’s the racist sheriff of Maricopa County, Ariz., on a crusade against illegal immigration.

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His views earned him a speaking spot at the Republican National Convention.

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Arpaio is so concerned with illegal immigration that he violated the civil rights of Latinos in his pursuit of catching ’em all. As a result, he got sued and lost.

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Specifically, Arpaio and his deputies had a class action lawsuit filed against them because they were allegedly detaining people who they thought looked like undocumented immigrants, or who looked like smugglers. In other words, they’re pulling over brown people. The federal government agreed that Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office were being unlawfully racist, so the justice department ordered them to stop. Spoiler alert: They didn’t.

Instead of complying with federal law, Arpaio started investigating the wife of Phoenix Federal District Court Judge G. Murray Snow, the judge who ruled against him.

Credit: ABC 15 Arizona/YouTube

Judge Snow, fed up with Arpaio’s refusal to change his racist ways, has asked another judge to rule on whether Arpaio should be held in criminal contempt for willfully disregarding Snow’s previous order to stop profiling Latinos.

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If he’s found guilty, Arpaio could be fined or even face jail time. He could also lose his position, which has us like:

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Even if Arpaio gets away with it, he might lose his job anyway. The racist sheriff is currently up for re-election, and the polls have him narrowly losing to his opponent, which means that this Latino nightmare could soon be over.

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Struggles Of Growing Up As An Introverted Latina


Struggles Of Growing Up As An Introverted Latina

credit: NBC/ Parks & Recreation

Many of us grew up surrounded by confident, proud and very loud Latinas, which is a beautiful thing to behold. While the caricature of an outspoken Latina doing the shimmy and leading a conga line is true on many occasions, some of us cringe at the idea of being the center of attention and prefer to stay on the sidelines. In other words, your fam probably tortures you for being an introverted Latina…

1. Hearing the words “ya te la paso” when your mom is on the phone is a nightmare.

You struggle to find the words to keep a solid conversation going.

2. You are not the Sofia Vergara at the party…

…and are more like the chill Aubrey Plaza avoiding small talk at the corner table.


3. If you don’t like dancing, you will be met with shock and worry.


Tíos will always attempt to take you out to the dance floor, and your mom will say a prayer and hope you can get through life as non-dancing Latina. Hopefully, you’ll be able to keep our Latina card! *eye roll*

4. The idea of an over-the-top quinceañera gave you anxiety like no other.


A massive dress, spotlight and a choreographed dance in front of 29,573 people? No, thank you.

5. You’ve probably been called creida just because you’re quiet.


Don’t be offended, most aren’t worth talking to anyway.

6. “Y el novio?” becomes an existential crisis.


Like, it’s hard enough trying to figure out this situation, how does anyone expect for you to talk about this openly?

7. Even though people know you’re shy, you’re expected to small talk with every distant relative/primo/family friend/vecino.

Cue flight or fight.

8. Your family will always find ways to roast you or put you on the spot for your shyness.


Mom will ask you why you don’t talk more, por qué no saludas a todo mundo, or simply WHY you’re so shy.

9. “Ya saludastes a todos?” is what you heard most in your childhood.

Because smiling and waving in the general direction of the crowd will never be enough.

10. Most women prefer the chisme, while you usually try to tune out behind your book and headphones.

…Because who cares who your cousin is dating??

11. You hear “Que te pasa?” all. the. time.

Can’t a girl just observe and live in peace?

12. You don’t speak loud or feel comfortable being in the center of the room…


…but you make our presence known by being a quiet, charming, sometimes awkward Latina. There are enough loud people to go around anyway. ;P

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What else did you experience while growing up as a shy Latina? Let us know!

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