These González Iñárritu GIFs Will Make You Feel High

González Iñárritu GIFS

Oh, hey … a GIF from Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Babel.


That looks fun. Swinging back and forth, to and fro. ( Clicks on this song and stares at GIF for two minutes.) Can’t … look … away. Oh oh. Am I getting … high? From a GIF? Nahhh. Quick, think about something else. Birdman?

Yeah, BIRDMAN. That’ll bring me back down to earth.


Uh oh, it’s getting worse. Duh, it’s Michael Keaton, dude. Think of something else! 21 Grams will do. Or Biutiful. Yeah, that shit was dark.

Umm, WTF. Where is your mind headed? Get a grip!


Hey brain, you know there was more to Biutiful than this scene. Hmm … didn’t González Iñarritu do a soccer commercial? That’s harmless. Yeah, soccer.

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Nooooooooo. Think … think. OK. Amores Perros.

Whyyyyyyyy … can’t … I snap … out of this González Iñárritu high?


Wait … why is that mouse arrow stuck there…

If I could only fly away … like Birdman!


Fly dammit. FLY. Arrrrrrgh. Just go back and think about Chieko in Babel. She looked like she was having so much fun on that swing, remember?

Yaaaaaaay. Wait a minute … that’s not …


Oh, hell … just sit back and enjoy it.

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