After Being Exploited By His Boss, This Undocumented Worker Fought Back

Credit: Movieclips Film Festivals & Indie Films / YouTube

You say, “Wow, what am I doing here?”

Mahoma Lopez, a worker at a popular bakery in New York, spent years in a work environment that exploited him and other fellow undocumented workers. He was paid low wages, worked long hours and faced abuse from managers — they wouldn’t even let him call in sick.

In 2012, fed up with the abuse, Lopez decided to fight back. He convinced a group of co-workers to form an independent union and fight for their rights, which left them vulnerable to deportation and the loss of their jobs. The documentary “The Hand That Feeds” follows Lopez and his coworkers, who engage in a historic battle that could not only change the lives of undocumented workers, but the lives of low-wage workers throughout the United States. The doc, directed by Rachel Lears & Robin Blotnick, was executive produced by Alex Rivera, the director behind the films “Sleep Dealer” and “The Sixth Section.”

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