After A Routine Surgery, This Latina Woke Up With A British Accent

CREDIT: ABC News / YouTube

“She can’t say ‘tamales.’”

It’s not unusual for people to try out their best fake British accent after a weekend marathon of “Downton Abbey.” Whether you’re reading Shakespeare aloud to your chums or describing a rash to your doctor, the accent is just so charming and fun. In the case of Texas native Lisa Alamia, however, you’ll be gobsmacked to know she’s spoken the Queen’s English for nearly six months, and not by choice.

After a routine jaw surgery, Alamia awoke and found that a British accent had replaced her lifelong Texas drawl. While she didn’t notice anything at first, it wasn’t until her family pointed out the curious change to her voice. A doctor (not named Who) diagnosed Lisa with Foreign Accent Syndrome, a rare condition that’s affected only about 100 people. Ever.

Foreign Accent Syndrome usually affects those who have had some form of head trauma. (No offense to anyone with a British accent.) But in the case of Alamia, no one really knows just what brought this on. Alamia’s neurologist, Dr. Toby Yaltho, said his examination found no brain injuries, no complications from surgery, and no signs of a stroke.

Alamia says if the accent sticks, she’s cool with it. Her husband told CNN his wife still has trouble pronouncing some words: “She can’t say ‘just kidding.’ She can’t say ‘normal.’ She can’t say ‘tamales.’” It looks like Alamia should turn lemons into lemonade and take her voice talents to Hollywood. We’d be excited to see her as the next mastermind Bond villain, or Orbit Gum spokesperson, or at least anything that isn’t just another stereotypical Latina role.

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