After A Huge Fight In An L.A. School, Danny Trejo Showed Up To Iron S**t Out

Danny Trejo once again proved he is a man who will always support his community. After a major fight broke out at Sylmar High School in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, Trejo made a surprise appearance at a safety meeting for students and parents.

Here is cell phone video of the Sylmar High School fight that shocked parents and residents of Sylmar:

A massive fight broke out at Sylmar High School in Los Angeles, CA. Authorities are still determining the cause of the fight.

Video by 818 Valley (on YouTube)

Posted by Fresco News on Monday, May 9, 2016

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The fight, which involved mainly Latino and black students, got so out of hand that police, faculty and even some students jumped in to break up the brawl.

In response to the fight, SHS officials decided to hold a safety meeting to address the concerns of parents.

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Most of the parents were concerned about the safety of their children.

It appears school officials were talking at, not to, the crowd, so Danny Trejo stood up and shook things up.

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He told officials they need to do less talking and more listening. “You’re not listening to them. They’ll come up here and tell you,” Trejo, who has no children at the school, told the officials. “That’s who we should be talking to. Parents and them.”

The students and parents erupted in applause.

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This isn’t the first time that Trejo has taken a stand for his community. In 2015, Trejo organized a community event aimed at helping restore a business that had been tagged and damaged.

Eventually, a few students got a chance to speak. This student criticized what the hyped-up media coverage of what she called a “5-minute fight.”

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“They’re making Sylmar look like a bad school,” she said. The student also rebuked the claim that 12 police officers showed up to the scene, telling the crowd that there are only two officers on campus.

But Trejo had more words for both the administration and the police force that work in the community.

 Credit: ABC News / YouTube

“I’m so fed up! I’m sorry I know you guys are doing such a good job,” Trejo told the officials at the meeting while looking at a police officer. “But you know what? You’ve got your heads in the sand. You have a black/brown situation…you either got to let everybody go or arrest a couple of people.”

Watch all of Trejo’s comments below!

Danny Trejo addresses Sylmar school fight“Machete” actor Danny Trejo joined in on a meeting between Sylmar High School officials and outraged parents about the racially charged school fight that was caught on camera. abc7.la/1UUMonk

Trejo does not have children who attend the school, but teachers urged him to participate, and he jumped at the opportunity to help the community.

Posted by ABC7 on Thursday, May 12, 2016

Credit: ABC7 / Facebook

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