This Is Why Adrienne Bailon Needs A Man ASAP

Adrienne Bailon is not even close to getting married after she ended her engagement with long-time boyfriend Lenny Santiago. But there are two things she’s sure about when it comes to her future: what music she wants to play on her honeymoon and that baby fever is for real.

“”Burbujas De Amor” is literally going to be the soundtrack of my honeymoon whenever I get married. At some point in life — whenever that happens,” Bailon told Latina magazine.

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And when she sees her niece, she’s reminded that “I have baby fever in general. It’s so out of control,” she jokes. “My uterus just skips a beat, I swear.”

Girl, that baby fever can get taken care of real quick during your honeymoon… once you find yourself a man, of course.

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