Adrián González Finally Gets An Accent On His Jersey, Other Latino Players Follow

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Adrián González has been playing professional baseball for the past 16 years, bringing his A-game to Los Doyers since 2012, but he felt something was missing from his uniform: the accent.

It’s no surprise that González felt unsettled. A word in Spanish with a missing accent? Is actually misspelled. Major League Baseball recently fixed that by adding the “á” to González. He didn’t stop there, though, challenging other Latino players, such as teammate Kiké Hernández, to do the same.

 “After 16 years in baseball, there was only one thing I needed to put an accent on. Kiké, I challenge you to join.#PonleAcento,” González wrote on Instagram.


And Enrique “Kiké” Hernández, his teammate, accepted the challenge by sharing a picture of his new jersey and saying, “Look how pretty Hernández looks with its accent. I already got it @adrian_eltitan, so now I invite all my Latino brothers to get their accent. #PonleAcento.”

But González wasn’t the first. Seattle Mariners second baseman Robinson Canó has been rocking his accent on his jersey since 2014.

The MLB says the move to add accents to jerseys celebrates the “unique style and energy that Hispanic players bring to the game.”

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