How this Adorable Cooking Nun Became a Mexican Pop Culture Icon

Hermana Flor is a nun on a mission… to win a reality show. But it’s not to become a celebrity, it’s to win the cash prize for her convent.

Say hola to Hermana Flor. She’s currently one of the top five contestants of Master Chef Mexico.

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In case you didn’t know, she’s kind of a big deal.

Con la #hermanaFlor #teamhermanaflor lo mejor mi grito :3

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Like, most of her public appearances look like this.

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“¡Hermana Flor! ¡Hermana Flor!”

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For real, though. People love this woman.

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Why? Because she’s humble, adorable and best of all, SHE CAN COOK.

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Watching her on the show is like watching your abuelita. How can you not root for her? Some of the Master Chef judges have even joked that Hermana Flor’s food is so good, she must have made a pact with the devil.

She’s even built a loyal following on social media.

Hermana Flor beat out 295 contestants to make it to the final five.

Wait? What?! Nearly 300 people?

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Apparently, it’s her chili sauces that have gotten her so far in the competition.

She is in it to win 1 million pesos (about $60k US).

Hermana Flor’s convent is in debt after taking out loans to build, expand and renovate schools near their area.

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Excelente clase magistral @edgarnunezm fue lo mejor. #hermanaflor me encantó cocinar con usted @masterchefmx

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Lots of people want Hermana Flor to take home the prize.

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