Activists in San Francisco and Los Angeles Stop Traffic to Protest Immigration Raids

Undocumented immigrant activists have taken to the streets in two major California cities demanding a stop to the recent immigration raids carried out by the Obama administration.

Protesters shut down major intersections in front of I.C.E. federal buildings in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The protesters created human chains to disrupt traffic. They are trying to bring attention to the Obama administration’s aggressive move to deport Central American refugees seeking asylum in the US.

Even with the threat of arrest, protesters stood their ground and continued to protest.

In Los Angeles, law enforcement declared “unlawful assembly” and made arrests.

Officers for the San Francisco Police Department were cutting the chains off of the protesters to make arrests.

“This administration needs to take accountability for the fact that there’s immigrants here because of policies that the US has created,” Julio Salgado [pictured: top left], a DACA recipient, said while protesting in SF. “And so, instead of criminalizing, we need to welcome communities.”

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