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Activists in San Francisco and Los Angeles Stop Traffic to Protest Immigration Raids

Undocumented immigrant activists have taken to the streets in two major California cities demanding a stop to the recent immigration raids carried out by the Obama administration.

Protesters shut down major intersections in front of I.C.E. federal buildings in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The protesters created human chains to disrupt traffic. They are trying to bring attention to the Obama administration’s aggressive move to deport Central American refugees seeking asylum in the US.

Since the start of the latest immigration raids, 121 people have been detained. Most of those detained are women and children from Central America fleeing from gang violence and corrupt governments.

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Even with the threat of arrest, protesters stood their ground and continued to protest.

In Los Angeles, law enforcement declared “unlawful assembly” and made arrests.

Dozens of protestors form both LA and SF have been taken into custody while chanting, “ICE out of California.”

Officers for the San Francisco Police Department were cutting the chains off of the protesters to make arrests.

Still, other protests stayed put.

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“This administration needs to take accountability for the fact that there’s immigrants here because of policies that the US has created,” Julio Salgado [pictured: top left], a DACA recipient, said while protesting in SF. “And so, instead of criminalizing, we need to welcome communities.”

More than 300 people are taking part in just the LA protest.

Check back for updates on this story as they develop. Share this story with your friends to get the message out that people want to #StopTheRaids.

13 Mexican Sayings that Sound Really Weird When They're Translated Literally


13 Mexican Sayings that Sound Really Weird When They’re Translated Literally

Sepa la bola meme

When you grow up Mexican and bilingual, there are plenty of Spanish phrases that can totally get lost in translation, especially if you’re around friends who don’t speak Español. Trying to explain or translate them literally, you realize how ridiculous they sound. You know, stuff like this:

“¿A poco?”

a poco meme


Literal translation: A little.

What it really means: You don’t say!?

How it sounds in Spanish:  Friend: “Estoy embarazada.” You: “A poco!?”

How it sounds if you translate it literally: Friend: “I’m pregnant.” You: “A little?”

“¿Qué pedo?”

Qué Pedo meme

Credit: unknownmamipage/Facebook

Literal translation: “What fart?”

What it really means: “What’s up?”

How it sounds in Spanish: “Te veo enojada… ¿que pedo?”

How it sounds if you translate it literally: “You seem upset. What fart with you?”

“Soltar un madrazo.”

Credit: unknownmamipage/Facebook

Literal translation: “A big mother.”

What it really means: To strike someone with force, usually on the head.

How it sounds in Spanish: “Dejate de burlarte de mis cejas o te voy a dar un madrazo.”

How it would sound if you translated literally: “You better stop teasing me about my eyebrows or I will release a big mother on you!”

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Pedro Infante cuates memeCredit:

Literal translation: Twins.

What it really means: Bros, buddies or compadres.

How it sounds in Spanish: “Mis cuates son buenos para tirar desmadre.”

How it would sound if you translated literally: “My twins really know how to party.”



Literal translation: Bloody.

What it really means: Annoying.

How it sounds in Spanish: “No puedo soportar a ese güey, es sangrón.”

How it would sound if you translated literally: “I can’t stand that fool, he’s so bloody.”

“¡Me vale madre!”

me vale madre meme


Literal translation: It’s worth a mother.

What it really means: I don’t give a shit.

How it sounds in Spanish: “Ámame o odiame, me vale madre.”

How it would sound if you translated literally: “Love me or hate me, it’s worth mother to me.”

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“Por si las moscas.”

Por si las moscas meme


Literal translation: In case the flies.

What it really means:  Just in case.

How it sounds in Spanish: “No pienso dormir en tu casa esta noche, pero voy a traer un par de calzones por si las moscas.”

How it would sound if you translated literally: “I’m not planning on spending the night, but I’m bringing an extra pair of chonies in case the flies.”

“Estoy encabronada / Estoy encabronado.”

encabronadaCredit: unknownmamipage/Facebook

Literal translation: I have become a goat.

What it really means: Pissed off.

How it sounds in Spanish: “Ya se que me veo calmada, pero estoy encabronada.”

How it would sound if you translated literally: “I know I look chill on the outside, but I have become a goat on the inside.”

“¡Sepa la bola!”

Sepa la bola memeCredit:

Literal translation: The ball knows.

What it really means:  I have no idea.

How it sounds in Spanish: “Todos preguntan de donde fulanita saca tanto dinero para comprar Gucci pirata y yo digo, ‘Sepa la bola.'”

How it would sound if you translated literally: “Everyone is always asking where fulanita gets the money to buy all that fake Gucci and I’m all, ‘The ball knows.'”

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¿Qué onda?

Que onda memeCredit:

Literal translation: What wave?

What it really means:  What’s up?

How it sounds in Spanish: “¿Que onda? ¿Ontan las muchachas?”

How it would sound if you translated literally: “What wave? Where the ladies at?”

“¡No mames!”

no mames meme


Literal translation: Don’t suck.

What it really means:  No way! (But it can be used in so many ways)

How it sounds in Spanish: Friend: “Me aceptarón en Harvard.” You: “¡No mames!

How it would sound if you translated literally: Friend: “I just got accepted to Harvard!” You: “Don’t suck!”

“Estoy pedo”

pedo meme

Literal translation: I’m fart.

What it really means:  I’m drunk.

How it sounds in Spanish: “No so porque todos dicen que estoy pedo cuando apenas estoy empezando.”

How it would sound if you translated literally: “I don’t know why everyone keeps saying I’m fart when I’m just getting started.”

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Aguas memes


Literal translation: Waters!

What it really means:  Watch out! Also: Be careful!

How it sounds in Spanish: “Aguas, ese perro es bravo.”

How it would sound if you translated literally: “WATERS, that dog is vicious!”

What’s you favorite untranslatable saying? Let us know and no seas gacho, hit that share button. 

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