A Young Cuban Boy Dreams of Becoming a Drag Queen But His Father Isn’t Having It

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“Canto Con el Alma”

After becoming enchanted with performers at a drag show, a young Cuban man named Jesus dreams of becoming a drag queen. Jesus, who works as a hairdresser, finds a mentor  – a man named Mama – to guide him on his journey. As Jesus learns the tricks of the trade and gets closer to his dream, his estranged father re-enters his life, leading to a bitter clash between the two. Set in Havana, “VIVA,” is the work of two Irish filmmakers: director Paddy Breathnach and writer Mark O’Halloran. The movie was one of the selections at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

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Monkeys In Nicaragua Are Dropping Dead And People Have NO Idea Why

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Monkeys In Nicaragua Are Dropping Dead And People Have NO Idea Why

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WARNING: Graphic Images

Some terrifying news for the week comes from Nicaragua where monkeys are dying left and right. The worst part? NO ONE knows why.

Dozens of monkeys in southwestern Nicaragua are literally dropping dead of unknown causes.

Howler monkeys are particularly susceptible to mosquito-borne illnesses like chikungunya, dengue fever, and the recent Zika virus.

While some experts think the deaths can be related to the drought and other environmental issues, one expert is raising the red flag to warn of something more terrifying: a new viral outbreak.

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Autopsies have shown that the dead monkeys show no signs of being sick. It appears they are simply dropping dead for no reason.

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“If anything, I was struck by what good conditions the monkeys appeared to be in,” Kimberly Williams-Guillén, director of conservation science for Paso Pacifico, told TakePart. “The animals seemed to be in good condition other than being dead.”

The monkeys could be an indicator of a new viral outbreak that can lead to extreme lethargy…

Credit: Fusion / YouTube

And convulsions before death.

Credit: Fusion / YouTube

But there is also no sign of dehydration or emaciation that would lead to the way the monkeys are acting.

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The main suspect is the mosquito, which is wreaking havoc in the southern hemisphere spreading illnesses like the Zika virus.

Credit: moviesludge / Tumblr

“I’ve spent years of my life walking around forests in Nicaragua, and I’ve never just found a dead monkey just lying around,” Williams-Guillén told TakePart.

“We have people finding dead and dying monkeys throughout the zone. It’s very unusual,” said Williams-Guillen.

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