People From Scotland Are Standing Up Against Donald Trump In The Most European Way

There’s quite a few people in Scotland who are not fans of Donald Trump’s racist, misogynistic and xenophobic rhetoric. In a sign of defiance fit for a European country, one concerned citizen named David Milne has erected a Mexican flag by one of Trump’s golf courses in Aberdeenshire. Why is he raising the flag on Trump’s golf course in Scotland? Because Trump will be visiting Scotland this weekend.

Trump is expected to be in Scotland this Friday and will be visiting his new golf course in Ayrshire. Now, don’t go thinking that just because Trump is of Scottish descent, the Scots are excited about his golf course. No. No. No. According to BuzzFeed News, construction at the golf course has caused residents to lose power and water on more than one occasion. In fact, David Milne, who was interviewed by BuzzFeed and is responsible for the flag, said that the construction workers have even built a wall of dirt around his house so he can’t see the Trump golf course clubhouse. Built. A. Wall.

“The point of the flag is to show solidarity with the Mexicans and every other group that Trump has decried, derided, insulted, and tried to marginalise,” Milne told BuzzFeed News. One of Milne’s neighbors has also erected a Mexican flag near the golf course.

In case you aren’t sure of who all the people Trump has attacked, here is a handy list. And those are just people he has insulted on Twitter.

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