A Politician From Mexico Revealed Santa Claus Isn’t Real In An Event Filled With Kids

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Jaime “El Bronco” Rodriguez, the controversial governor from the state of Nuevo León in Mexico, was dubbed the “Grinch of Mexico” after telling kids at a Christmas event that Santa Claus wasn’t real. Rodriguez, who was speaking at an event held for the families of police officers, addressed the children in the crowd with some spoilers:

“Let’s have a happy morning… a happy afternoon. Hug your father when you have a chance. Tell him that you love him very much. Because your father is Santa Claus. Did you know that?”

Upon hearing Rodriguez’s announcement, several people in the crowd groaned audibly. Others found it hilarious.

Soon, Rodriguez was being called the Grinch.

And Mexican comedy site El Deforma poked fun at Rodriguez’s apparent love for spoilers. Here’s his take on “The Sixth Sense”…

Credit: El Deforma

… His summary of “Inception”…

Credit: El Deforma

… And his thoughts on “Star Wars.”

Credit: El Deforma

You can see the rest of their hilarious movie posters here.

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