How A Plus-Size Latina Model is Using Social Media to Encourage Women to Be Healthy

After her marriage fell apart and her son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, plus size model Rosie Mercado turned to food. The plus size model hit 410 pounds before being forced to face her weight gain. She took back her life and the transformation has been captured on her Instagram.

Rosie Mercado is a plus size model on a mission to get healthy…not skinny.

It all started when a flight attendant told her that she needed to buy two plane tickets in order to be on the flight due to her size.

A shocking wake up call motivated her to start changing her life.

Raw Fitness

A video posted by ROSIE | MERCADO (@rosiemercado) on

Rosie Mercado began working out and dieting with a clear goal: to get healthy.

She surrounded herself with a great support system from her trainer…

With trainer Justin Blum raw fitness #blessed

A photo posted by ROSIE | MERCADO (@rosiemercado) on

To her son who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Never let what other think of you hold you back!! ?? proud of my son Valentino

A video posted by ROSIE | MERCADO (@rosiemercado) on

I mean, with a cheerleader like that, who couldn’t succeed? #quecute

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Rosie stayed dedicated to her weight loss journey and credits her discipline for the transformation.

Looking good, girl. But you always did.

She was never shy to admit when she was feeling tempted.

What should I have !!! GREEN JUICE back to it ❤️??

A video posted by ROSIE | MERCADO (@rosiemercado) on

Sweets or veggies? Admit it. We have all been in the same predicament.

And temptation is especially challenging during a kid’s birthday party. ??

Well, eating healthy is tough with kids.

Ice cream

A video posted by ROSIE | MERCADO (@rosiemercado) on

But it is all about looking ahead.

Through it all, Rosie stayed focused on her overall goal no matter how hard it got.

The moment my trainer tells me not to give to keep going Think about the results #relentless

A photo posted by ROSIE | MERCADO (@rosiemercado) on

“The moment my trainer tells me not to give to keep going. Think about the results.”

She celebrated all the little milestones that eventually led her to where she is now.

5 pounds down! #rawfitness

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5 pounds today, 5 pounds next week. That’s how you do it.

Rosie’s strong commitment has helped her shed 210 pounds.

Hey guys it's @the_beautiful26 my mom is on her grind again gym and meal prepping! ??

A photo posted by ROSIE | MERCADO (@rosiemercado) on

And they are the keys to her amazing success.

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Her family has been there to cheer her on the entire time.

Amazing time working out with my family

A photo posted by ROSIE | MERCADO (@rosiemercado) on

A family who works out together, laughs and loves together.

And it looks like her journey and dedication are definitely paying off.

Omg!! Riding a bike first time in 10 years at my cousins house!! #happy #weight loss #transform #Latina @mongoosebikes

A video posted by ROSIE | MERCADO (@rosiemercado) on

Keep it up, Rosie. You are an inspiration to women all over the world.

Share this story with your friends and family and remember that no journey is impossible if you put your mind to it.

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