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A Pizza Shop in Mexico is Feeding and Motivating the Homeless in the Simplest Way

Pixza / Facebook

Pixza is not your ordinary neighborhood pizza place.

The idea for Pixza (get it? “Una peeksah”) came from two friends who were living abroad from Mexico and started craving comfort food.

Sure, you can marvel at their use of blue corn dough.

After all, this pizza place is in Mexico City and they want to stay true to their Mexican taste.

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But the true marvel is that they are helping the homeless community of Mexico City.

When they had the idea of starting Pixza, they knew they wanted it to be more than just a place to grab a slice to eat.

When you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

Credit: The Voice / NBC / realitytvgif / Tumblr

Kudos, Pixza.

For every 5 slices the restaurant sells, they donate one to the homeless.

Here’s the catch: every homeless person who gets pizza has to go through a “change routine.”

Things like getting a haircut, take a life skills course, taking a shower, getting a medical check-up, and getting a clean t-shirt.

If those who receive the pizza complete the “change routine” twice, they are offered employment at Pixza.

There are already people benefiting from the program that is certainly changing lives of several homeless people in Mexico City.

Every slice for the homeless gets a personalized letter from the customer who made it happen.

Nothing too fancy. Just little letters of encouragement for those who are less fortunate.

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And each letter is delivered with each slice to encourage the recipient to keep pushing forward.

Pixza should be proud.

Credit: The Voice / NBC / yourreactiongifs / Tumblr

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