A New Video by FWD.us Shows the Disturbing Reality of Mass Deportation

Credit: FWD.us / YouTube

“You deported my mommy.”

How would you feel if the US created a “deportation force”? What would happen if mass deportation, as proposed by Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, were to take place in the US? 11 Stories, a six-part series by FWD.us, shows you the possible effects of mass deportation on millions of immigrants who have built lives in the US. What we see isn’t pretty: billions of dollars spent, families torn apart and millions of lives disrupted.

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A Hidden Camera Captures People Standing Up for a Transgender Latina

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A Hidden Camera Captures People Standing Up for a Transgender Latina

Credit: RuPaulPromo / YouTube

Carmen Carrera on What Would You Do?

“Freak.” That’s what a customer yelled at a transgender diner waitress in the popular TV series What Would You Do? Luckily, this time the customer was an actor. And the waitress? Carmen Carrera, the first transgender woman to marry on television. Carrera appeared on the show to open people’s eyes to bullying the transgender community suffers every day. If you can stomach the vile hatred for a few minutes, you will get to see some pretty amazing stuff.

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