Here’s What Happens When Industry Displaced Peru’s Indigenous People

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Peru is a country with one foot in the past and one in the future. The past represents the culture, the heritage and the traditions of the country’s indigenous population. The future represents the destruction of natural resources, displacement of indigenous people and the violent protests that come when politicians are driven by greed. In 2008, in an attempt to attract big businesses to Peru, government officials began offering up land and natural resources at the expense of its native population. When the past and future finally clashed, as the trailer for “When Two Worlds Collide” reveals, it was a bloody, violent conflict that pitted Peru’s own people against one another, while the politicians and oil companies got rich. With DAPL on the horizon, this movie is a grim reminder of what the U.S. might confront over the next few months.

“When Two Worlds Collide” currently has a limited release schedule, so check the website for upcoming showings.

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