A New Documentary About The Latino Music Scene Born In The Streets Of NYC

Ahhh, Beep Beep! Rediscovering Latin BoogalooAHHH, BEEP BEEP!! WE LOVE OUR LATIN BOOGALOO

“There was something wonderful about being on the dance floor and everybody’s doing, ‘beep beep!'” says one of the subjects of a wonderful documentary on this great music. You’ll be moving when you watch our interview with one of Boogaloo’s creators and with the young Latino filmmaker who wanted to make sure we didn’t forget this part of our history, created in El Barrio – Spanish Harlem – in the 60s.

Posted by NBC Latino on Thursday, March 24, 2016

Credit: NBC Latino / Facebook


In the ’60s, Puerto Rican and Cuban musicians in NYC took Afro-Cuban rhythms, mixed them with American R&B and created a new genre of music: Latin Boogaloo. Soon, the streets in neighborhoods such as Spanish Harlem, the South Bronx and Brooklyn, were filled with the sounds of Latin Boogaloo. A new documentary, “We Like It Like That,” revisits the heyday of Latin Boogaloo and the movement to keep it alive. NBC Latino interviewed director Mathew Ramirez Warren and Joe Bataan, a gang leader turned musician who was one of the pioneers of Latin Boogaloo.

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