A New Crime Thriller About An Immigrant Who Is Stuck Between 2 Cultures

Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment / YouTube

“Are you, or aren’t you a criminal? There is no in between.”

What happens when you’re a stranger in your “homeland”? In the new indie film “Hostile Border,” we meet a woman who is caught between two borders and two cultures. Claudia, an undocumented immigrant who was raised in the U.S., is deported to Mexico after committing credit card fraud. She is taken in by her father, a rancher who she hasn’t seen for years. Eager to return to the U.S., Claudia gets caught up with a smuggler named Ricky, who makes her a dangerous but irresistible deal. “Hostile Border,” originally titled “Pocha: Manifest Destiny,” is co-directed by Michael Dwyer & Kaitlin McLaughlin.

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