There’s A Princess Coming To Disney World That’ll Be Able To Have A Conversation With Your Tías

When you think of the Disneyland and Disney World, you think of the all the guerita iconic princess you can meet, like Sleeping Beauty, Elsa, Cinderella, and on and on…

Credit: psychodisneyfanatic / Tumblr

They’re cute and all, but we’ve been waiting for a Latina princess foreveeerrr.

Finally, we’ll have a Latina princess represented on TV and at a couple of Disney’s theme parks!

La princesa’s show “Elena of Avalor” will premier on the Disney Channel this summer. Elena, who is voiced by Dominican actress Aimee Carrero, will fight to defend her kingdom from evil. Sounds pretty badass, right?

Credit: @disneyparks / Twitter

You’ll be able to snap selfies with this princess in her new home at the Florida Disney parks in August, and at California Adventures in the fall.

As for what inspired Elena, Disney says she’ll be the “first princess inspired by diverse Latin cultures.”

Thanks, Disney! That only took about half of century!

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