A Houston Car Salesman had to Fight for His Life after a Test Drive Gone Terribly Wrong

A car salesman in Houston, Texas had to fight for his life when a “customer” on a test drive physically attacked him in an attempt to steal the car. But the car salesman, Jose Martinez, wasn’t going down without a fight.

Jose Martinez, 22, is a car salesman at Gillman Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Houston, Texas.

Around 6 p.m. on Monday night, a “customer” came to the dealership and asked Martinez if he could test drive a Dodge Challenger.

During the test drive, the “customer” drove down a dark, small road. Martinez became suspicious of the “customer” and asked for the keys to the car. Moments later, two other people showed up and attacked Martinez.

Martinez was tied up with tape and his own belt before being thrown in the trunk, which he was able to get out of almost instantly.

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“I asked them why they were doing it while I was in the trunk. They told me to stop asking questions,” Martinez told KHOU. “They were taping me up and I said do you want money? What do you need? Let me go you can have the car. They said ‘No, you’re coming with us.'”

Luckily, Martinez had the awareness to call his general manger to let him know what was happening.

At some point, the kidnappers stopped the car because they heard Martinez escaping.

Martinez popped the trunk from the inside and was chased by the three men. That’s when one attacker dropped a gun. Martinez picked it up and fired at his attackers.

Here’s a “reenactment” of Martinez’s epic escape.

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The three suspects ran from Martinez and stole the car which was later found abandoned. Authorities are still looking for the three men, but Martinez says he never got a good look at their faces.

Check out the news report below:

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