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A Group Of Women In Oaxaca, Mexico Are Empowering Women To Feel Proud Of Their African Roots Through Dance

Afro-Mexicans: Dancing Their Way Back To Their Roots

These young Afro-Mexican women are dancing to reconnect with their roots. With no formal training, they've turned to YouTube to learn the steps.

Posted by AJ+ on Sunday, December 4, 2016

A group of women in Oaxaca, Mexico are driving a movement to encourage other Afro-Mexicans to feel proud of their roots.

And they’re doing this through dance.

The Internet plays a huge part of this movement. After researching online and discovering that most Afro-Mexicans descend from the northeast region of Africa, they decided they would only focus on dances that come from that part of the continent. And as for how they’re learning the traditional dances? YouTube.

Their efforts are inspiring many to feel a sense of pride, but this group is also impacting the Mexican Census. Afro-Mexican was never an option in the Mexican Census until 2015. That year, 1.4 million were mexicanos identified as Afro-Mexicans.

“We want equal rights and we want to be proud of being black and be able to share that pride,” said Anai Herrera, a lead of the Obatala Afro-Mexican dance group.

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