A Gender Fluid Tribe Lives in the Colombian Amazon Jungle

The Ticuna tribe is the definition of gender fluid. Nelson Morales photographed the Ticuna tribe in the Colombian Amazon for Vice and found it to be super similar to his photo essay of the Muxes, a third gender community of Oaxaca.

The Ticunas “have loudly campaigned for the right to be able to express their fluid gender, and to be seen and admired by others without prejudice,” Morales writes for Vice. “You see them in the jungle, wading in the river, walking down the streets in their villages, adding color and flavor to the region.”

Just like Oaxaca’s Muxes, Ticunas are well-accepted by their community thanks to the help of mass media. In a series of portraits, Morales captures their beauty and their playful nature.

See the entire photo essay in Vice here.

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