A Day in the Life of a Tijuana Girl Obsessed with Japanese Culture

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“!Vamos… muevete!”

In the ‘80s, the term “Otaku” was created in Japan to describe a people who were fanatics of anime and manga. Now it’s used to describe pretty much anyone who is obsessed with Japanese culture. And otakus are everywhere now – including Mexico. In “2GOOD4ME,” a new video by French DJ Breakbot, we get a glimpse into the life of a young Tijuana girl who is an unabashed otaku. Follow her around as she hangs out with fellow otakus, drives through Tijuana and encounters some drama at a nightclub.

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Ahead of Major Abortion Rights Hearing, Dascha Polanco Speaks Out

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Ahead of Major Abortion Rights Hearing, Dascha Polanco Speaks Out


“When it comes to protecting the right to choose, all I see are pros.”

Dascha Polanco, star of Orange is the New Black, has taken on a new role. She’s telling Kayleigh’s story, a young student who had an abortion due to personal reasons. It’s part of the new campaign Draw the Line from the Center for Reproductive Health.

She’s joined by Elizabeth Banks, Bellamy Young, Mercedes Mason, Amy Brenneman, Retta, and Mary McCormack to tell the stories of women who chose to have an abortion. The message sent is that choice can be difficult and that it is for a variety of personal and medical reasons.

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Soon, the U.S. Supreme Court will begin hearing oral arguments in Whole Women’s Health v. Cole, the case that threatens to close 75% of abortions clinics as part of a Texas law. The court’s ruling will affect the future of all clinics and abortions rights.

In the video, Polanco says, “How can we trust women to make smart choices for their children, but not trust them with the decision to have children?”

Watch the campaign video above to hear more stories.

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