A Community In Oregon Showed A Taco Truck Owner That They Don’t Just Love Her Food

This is Pepe’s Tacos in Estacada, Oregon.

Credit: Angela W. / Yelp

Looks like a regular taco truck right? Well, it is, and it isn’t.

Pepe’s Tacos is one of the few Mexican food options in Estacada, a small town with a population of less than 3,ooo people. And the people of Estacada love Pepe’s Tacos.

Credit: Angela W. / Yelp

So when loyal customers found this message taped to Pepe’s truck…

Credit: Angela W. / Yelp

“Pepes tacos will be closed temporarily due to family medical issues, sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your support! Prayers are much needed… Sanchez Family.”

The people of Estacada opened up their hearts in support of the Sanchez family.

Credit: City Of Estacada / Facebook

Jose Sanchez opened up Pepe’s Tacos with his wife, Lorena Serrano, more than 15 years ago. The two met in their native Jalisco, Mexico, and moved to Estacada after visiting a cousin who lived in Oregon. After noticing the lack of Mexican food in their neighborhood Sanchez and Serrano opened Pepe’s Tacos. Now their sons, Jose Jr. and Checho also work with their parents.

Not only did they wish Jose Sanchez a speedy recovery, they covered the Pepe’s Tacos truck with dollar bills.

Credit: KGW NBC News

Joe Schwab, who helped organize the donation drive, said the truck is iconic to the community.

Credit: KGW NBC News

He told KGW NBC News, “This is a tight community where people do know each other’s names and do know their neighbors and it’s no surprise to me at all that there’s this outpouring for a core member of our community.”

Here’s what it looked like when they were done:

Credit: City of Estacada / Facebook

How much did they raise? According to Schwab, the community pitched in with around $3,000. A GoFundMe page has raised more than $6,000.

When the Sanchez siblings learned about the donation drive, they tricked their mother into visiting the truck. Once they pulled up to the lot, Lorena Serrano realized what was happening.

Credit: KGW NBC News

Serrano couldn’t hold back her tears as she approached the truck.

Credit: KGW NBC News

After several tearful hugs, Serrano thanked everyone for their generosity and support.

Credit: KGW NBC News

Serrano, who doesn’t speak much English, had one of her sons translate: “She loves you guys and wouldn’t want to be in any other community. You guys are the best.”

Watch KGW NBC’s report:

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Credit: KGW NBC News

READ: A Pizza Shop In Mexico Is Feeding And Motivating The Homeless In The Simplest Way

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Family Of Man Who Died From Taco Eating Contest Sue Fresno Grizzlies Owner


Family Of Man Who Died From Taco Eating Contest Sue Fresno Grizzlies Owner

Dana Hutchings, 41, entered a taco eating contest during a Fresno Grizzlies game in 2019. He choked and died during the contest and now his son has filed a lawsuit against the baseball team.

The son of a man who died from a taco eating contest is suing for wrongful death.

Dana Hutchings, 41, died after choking during a taco eating contest during a Fresno Grizzlies game. His son has filed a wrongful death lawsuit claiming that the event organizers were not equipped to host the event. Furthermore, the lawsuit claims that the organizers failed to provide a medical response team.

“People say all the time he knew what he was getting into, well clearly he didn’t,” Martin Taleisnik, an attorney representing Hutchings’ son, Marshall told CBS17.

Marshall and his attorney are pushing back at the notion that Dana should have known better.

People have sounded off on social media criticizing the family for filing the lawsuit. Yet, the family and their attorney are calling attention to the lack of information given to contestants.

“If you don’t know all the pitfalls, how can you truly be consenting and participating freely and voluntarily? It’s a risk that resulted in a major loss to Marshall,” Taleisnik told CBS17.

Dana’s family is seeking a monetary settlement from the Fresno Grizzlies owners.

The wrongful death lawsuit names Fresno Sports and Events as the responsible party. The lawsuit also notes that alcohol was made available to contestants and added to the likelihood of the tragedy.

“We are devastated to learn that the fan that received medical attention following an event at Tuesday evening’s game has passed away. The Fresno Grizzlies extend our heartfelt prayers and condolences to the family of Mr. Hutchings,” a statement from the Fresno Grizzlies read after the death in 2019. “The safety and security of our fans is our highest priority. We will work closely with local authorities and provide any helpful information that is requested.”

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You Can Order A ‘Taco Vacuna’ And ‘La Cura’ At This Covid 19-Themed Taqueria


You Can Order A ‘Taco Vacuna’ And ‘La Cura’ At This Covid 19-Themed Taqueria

Pandemia. Brote. Vacuna. La Peste. Although you may find these terms in a glossary about the Covid-19 outbreak, that’s not what these words actually refer to. Instead, they’re options on the menu at a Mexican taqueria called “Tacovid: Sabor Viral”, a perhaps surprisingly very successful Coronavirus-themed restaurant.

Although to many having a Covid-themed taqueria may seem morbid or disrespectful or perhaps gross – I mean who wants to order a plague taco? – the taqueria is making light of a very serious situation with humor. Something that several other businesses have done since the pandemic began.

”Tacovid: Sabor Viral” is the Mexican taqueria going viral – pun intended – for its Covid-themed menu.

Ok…virus-themed tacos don’t exactly sound appetizing. Especially, as we’re still in the midst of a very real pandemic. But one 23-year-old man in the Mexican city of León, who was forced to close down his dance studio because of Coronavirus, is counting on a Covid-themed restaurant – and so far he’s been surprised by its success.

Brandon Velázquez converted his dance academy into a taquería at the end of July, and given that Mexico and the rest of the world was – and is – in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic decided to call it Tacovid Sabor Viral.

“I had to close my dance academy during the pandemic [but] then an opportunity arose to return to the same place, however, people still did not go out for fear of getting infected.” he told the newspaper El Universal.

“I had always wanted to open a taqueria and, at the end of July, the opportunity to do so occurred. It was how I took advantage of the moment to create this business with a coronavirus theme,” he added.

Items on the menu are named after – you guessed it – the Coronavirus and don’t sound like anything you’d willfully choose to order.

The young entrepreneur detailed the name of each dish, taking full advantage of the Coronavirus theme.

“We have around 12 different dishes, among them are the ‘Tacovid’; we have ‘Forty’, ‘Quesanitizing’, ‘Pandemic’, ‘Outbreak’, and many others. The price varies depending on the dish you order,” he told El Universal.

In addition to themed dishes, the servers also fit the Coronavirus-theme.

When the pandemic hit Mexico, the government urged Mexicans to observe “su sana distancia” and the now common mascot – Susana Distancia – was born.

“In the restaurant, a waitress dressed as a nurse with the name of ‘Susana’ takes orders and works the tables, referring to the healthy distance campaign that was implemented as a precautionary measure,” he says.

To his surprise – and honestly mine as well – the taqueria has been very successful.

Brandon told El Universal that he’s been pleasantly surprised by the support he has received from customers. “I’m surprised because we have had really good sales, despite the circumstances, we have had a lot of support by the community and we’ve already expanded to have two locations.”

“Customers are funny about the theme we are using in the business, and they are delighted with the dishes we are offering. They enjoy it and have a good time,” added Brandon.

Things are looking so good for Brandon and his Covid-themed taqueria, that he’s looking to expand the food business and add new dishes to the menu. “There is always the idea of new names for other dishes that we want to include in the menu.”

Brandon also said that he’s looking to build out a business model so the restaurant could expand to other parts of the country as a franchise.

Apparently, people are really into Covid-themed foods, as this isn’t the first place that a shop as cashed in on the pandemic. Back in April, a panadería was selling out of Covid-themed baked goods so quickly, they couldn’t keep the shelves stocked.

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