One Photo On Social Media Changed This Farm Worker’s Life

Pablo Iglesias isn’t your typical farmworker. At 68 years old, Pablo has spent the last 20 years earning a living in conditions that would challenge the most able-bodied workers.

Credit: Fox 26

“I get ready early in the morning four, five I’m ready to go to work,” Pablo Iglesias said to Fox 26 in Fresno, Calif.

He does all this with only one leg.

Credit: Fox 26

Originally from Zacatecas, Mexico, Pablo suffered a series of tragic events that could have easily broken a lesser man. Within the span of three months, Pablo lost his wife, and then lost his leg.

Credit: Fox 26

He was 48 years old at the time. Iglesias left his home in Mexico, leaving behind family, and found farm work in California’s Central Valley.

Credit: Fox 26

“I didn’t know what to do. I had to be strong […] I had to get to work,” he told Fox 26.

Pablo’s work ethic caught the attention of Rolando Saldivar, a pump maintenance man, who spotted Pablo working in the field. Rolando was so impressed he asked if they could take a photo. The photo changed Pablo’s life.

Credit: Rolando Saldivar / Fox 26 

Rolando posted the photo to social media, and it immediately viral.

The story was picked up by Liz Gonzales of Fox 26 in Fresno, Calif., whose piece on Pablo led to a massive amount of love.

The story even inspired good samaritans to create a GoFundMe on Pablo’s behalf.

Credit: Pablo Iglesias / Go Fund Me

Support for Pablo didn’t stop at financial compensation. Thanks to the prosthetics company Hanger, Pablo received a new leg for free.

Credit: Fox 26

“In my 26 years, this is the first case like this I’ve come across […] It felt so right to help out with Mr. Iglesias,” prosthetist John Wettstein told Fox 26 News.

Credit: Fox 26

Iglesias, who moved around with crutches, says the prosthetic immediately provided relief.

Credit: Fox 26

“I put it on and it feels great. The rest of my body gets a break from the crutches,” Pablo told Fox 26.

Now that he’s on his feet again, Pablo’s next goal is to use the money raised for much needed dental care.

Credit: Fox 26

“I’d like to thank everyone. May God help them. And may God bless us all,” Pablo told Fox 26.

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